• Students with good analytical skills
  • Students with good quantitative skills
  • Students with good sense of numbers
  • Students with good communication skills

Entrance Requirements

Students should achieve at least a C+ in the corresponding business core course(s) to be considered for admission to First Major or Second Major in Finance.

For BBA (FINA), the corresponding business core course is FINA2303, named Financial Management. Students are ranked by the academic performance of their core course and then the BCGA.

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From 2012 on, the University is introducing school-based admissions. This means that you can take a year or two to see what programs fit your skills and interests before committing yourself to a specialization. We hope that this can help you receive a better, balanced curriculum and become a well-rounded person in the future.Those looking at a first major in Finance should declare their major in these programs by the end of their 2nd year.

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