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Position Name   E-Mail
Acting Head / Chair Professor Prof Mingyi HUNG acmy
Chair Professor Prof Kevin C W CHEN  acchen
Associate Professor Prof Peter F CHEN acpchen
Associate Professor Prof Tai Yuan CHEN acty
Associate Professor Prof Zhihong CHEN aczh
Associate Professor Prof Charles HSU achsu
Associate Professor Prof Shiheng WANG acwang
Associate Professor Prof Haifeng YOU achy
Associate Professor Prof Amy ZANG aczang
Assistant Professor Prof Thomas BOURVEAU actb
Assistant Professor Prof Szu Fan CHEN sf.chen
Assistant Professor Prof Allen HUANG acahuang
Assistant Professor Prof Xi LI acli
Assistant Professor Prof Derrald STICE acstice
Adjunct Professor Prof Laurence C FRANKLIN lcfran
Adjunct Professor Prof Earl Kay STICE acharry
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Ping Sheng KOH ackoh
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Sabrina Y S KWAN  acskwan
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Gerry LI acgerry
Associate Professor of
   Business Education
Academic Director of
   MSc in Accounting
Prof Tony SHIEH actony
Associate Professor of
    Business Education
Prof Dennis Suk Sun CHAN acdennis
Lecturer Mr David LAI acdavid
Lecturer Dr Kelvin P MAK acmak
Lecturer Mr Charles K N LAM aclam
Teaching Associate Ms Ann Y W CHAN acann
Teaching Associate Mr K K LEE ackk
Teaching Associate Ms Carrie K L LEUNG accarrie
Teaching Associate Ms Sandy W TAI acsandy
Executive Officer Mrs Swallow S Y WEI acsywei
Assistant Manager Mr Barry BUT bmbarry
Program Assistant Ms Candy WANG candywang
Departmental Secretary Ms Anita M Y WONG acanita
Clerk Ms Carolyn K L LAM accaroly
Clerk Miss Juno S P TUNG acjuno
Clerk Ms Leean YIU acyiu