Afternoon Talk with Prof. Francis Lui and Happy Hour with Economics Faculty

The Department of Economics presents the first Afternoon Talk with our very own Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor, Francis T. Lui, to explore in depth on the topic “How to make yourself more employable than others?”


"What makes a person more employable than others? Hard skills from academic training or working experiences are of course very useful. However, soft skills are sometimes even more important. A crucial component of soft skills, the art of disagreement, seems to be disappearing among young people in Hong Kong.  Before disagreeing with others, we should try very hard to understand what they are talking about. The willingness to see things from other people's perspectives and the ability to present the logic of their arguments effectively are good indicators of whether we possess the art of disagreement.  It would also be a big mistake to regard whoever holding different views of yours as your enemies."