PG Courses 2021/22


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CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5110 Managerial Microeconomics Xinyu HUA, Siu Fai LEUNG
ECON 5125 Behavorial Economics Wooyoung LIM
ECON 5200 Global Macroeconomics TBA


CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5130 Microeconomic Analysis                                        Susheng WANG
ECON 5140 Macroeconomic Analysis David COOK
ECON 5280 Applied Econometrics Songnian CHEN
ECON 5348 Financial Economics II: Corporate Finance Fei DING
ECON 6110K Policy Evaluation and Evidence Based Policy Making Hyuncheol Bryant KIM
ECON 6110L Applied Machine Learning for Economic and Financial Analysis Chi Yung NG
ECON 6110M The Asset Management Industry Dominic James PEGLER

PhD (core)

CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5100 Mathematics for Business and Economics                Lingzhi ZHOU
ECON 5210 Microeconomic Theory I Rui TANG
ECON 5250 Macroeconomic Theory I Marc DORDAL CARRERAS

PhD (elective)

CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5620

Theory of Industrial Organization        

Pak Hung AU
ECON 6120S Advanced Topics in Decision Theory Rui TANG
ECON 6120T Applied micro-econometrics Kohei KAWAGUCHI


Syllabi are from previous years, for reference only.


CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5341 Topics in Monetary Policy and Central Banking TBA
ECON 6110C Open Economy David COOK





CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5040 Economics of Financial Technology Chi Yung NG
ECON 5330 Information Economics Susheng WANG
ECON 5349 Financial Economics I: Portfolio Management Fei DING
ECON 5350 Banking and Financial Intermediation Tao ZHU
ECON 5351 Environmental Economics Yatang LIN
ECON 5360 Monetary Economics Tao ZHU
ECON 5370 Using Data for Economics Analysis Kam Wing SIU
ECON 5390 Labor Economics Siu Fai LEUNG
ECON 5410 Value Investing from an Economic Perspective Milind RAO
ECON 5420 Topics in Development Economics Sujata VISARIA
ECON 6110E Macroeconomic and Financial Risk Management Chi Yung NG
ECON 6110F International Trade Edwin LAI
ECON 6110I Housing Economics Chi Yung NG
ECON 6110O Industrial Organization Huanxing YANG


CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5110 Managerial Microeconomics (MBA) Xinyu HUA
ECON 5190 Games and Strategic Behavior Wooyoung LIM
ECON 5200 Global Macroeconomics David COOK
ECON 6101E China's Economy (MBA) Albert PARK


CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 5220 Microeconomic Theory II Qinggong WU
ECON 5260 Macroeconomic Theory II Jenny XU
ECON 5300 Econometrics Songnian CHEN

PhD (elective)

CodeTitleInstructor(s) / Syllabus
ECON 6120N International Economics David COOK & Jenny XU
ECON 6120U Labour Economics Xuan LI
ECON 6120V Platform Economics Huanxing YANG