ECON 4670 Requirement

This is a 0-credit course that is mandatory for every student in BBA ECON, BSc ECOF and BSc MAEC programs.

Course Syllabus

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Sample Papers

"Behaviour Economics of Education in this Technological Era and its Applications to Policies” by HUSSAIN, Hinna (BBA ECON program) under the supervision of Prof. Wooyoung Lim via independent study.

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"Time Series Forecast of Chinese Yuan through RMB Reference Currency Basket” by YE, Anqi (ECOF program) and CHEN, Yi (ECOF program) under the supervision of Prof. Peng Wang via ECON4304. Download PDF
"An Empirical Evaluation On The Effectiveness Of Medicaid Expansion Across 49 States” by CHAN, Tung Yu Marco (BBA ECON program) under the supervision of Prof. Sunny Huang via ECON 4274. Download PDF
"Firm-specific Exchange Rate Shocks and Responses in Investment: Empirical Evidence from China" by LU, Lingfei (ECOF Program) under the supervision of Prof. Yao Amber Li via ECON 4959. Download PDF