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Joint Endeavors to Develop Fintech Talent
Xinhua News Agency, Wen Wei Po and Mirage News reported on a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) signed by HKUST, the China Banking Association, Shenzhen University and the China Construction Bank University in June, to co-develop the first fintech qualification framework in China. The reports mentioned that the collaboration represents a pioneering effort between the four parties to establish a nation-wide qualification, and thus enhances professionalism for the fintech industry in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Also during the month, HK Economic Journal and Lion Rock Daily, in their articles looking into fintech developments in Hong Kong, cited comments made by Dean of HKUST Business School Prof TAM Kar Yan, on the role Hong Kong should play in facilitating and developing a new workforce for the industry. The magazine published by the Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa zoomed in on fintech in Hong Kong and interviewed Prof Tam and other experts in the city. Prof Tam outlined the growing opportunities for fintech companies in the region, with the 70 million people in the Greater Bay Area. He also explained how the city can nurture talent, citing the new MSc in Fintech Program introduced by HKUST.


Role of Family Business Offices in Digital Era (Jun Edition)
The Family Governance Review of the Taiwan Institute of Directors published a co-authored article by Prof Roger KING, Director of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship, and the Center’s Manager Jeremy CHENG. The article discussed the major roles of family business offices, in support of family businesses in innovation and technology investments in the disruptive age.

Belt and Road Scholarship Awardees on New Learning Journey (Jun 28)
China Daily featured the awardees of this year’s Belt and Road Scholarship. Introduced by the HKSAR Government in 2016/17, the scholarship is set to attract non-local talent to pursue higher education opportunities in Hong Kong. An HKUST accounting student from Indonesia Sonia HUBERTA is one the awardees, who talked about her learning journey in Hong Kong made possible by the scholarship.  

Future of Young Generation and their Contributions (Jun 28)
Headline Daily carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis LUI, Department of Economics, on the future of young generation amid the recent rallies against the extradition bill.  

How Big Data Plugs Tax Loopholes (Jun 24)
HK Economic Journal (解牛集) carried an article by Senior Lecturer Dr Kelvin MAK, Department of Accounting. Dr Mak shared his insights on how big data could be used to plug the tax loopholes with the growing cross-border commercial activities and transactions.

Alumni Articles to Discuss Topical Issues (Jun 24)
Economic Digest and HK Economic Journal carried articles, respectively, by alumnus Jonathan LEE on green finance, and EMBA alumna Crystal CHAN on government’s crisis management in the extradition bill saga. 

Actress Graduated from KH EMBA Program (Jun 24)
Sing Tao Daily and Headline Daily reported that actress and Kellogg-HKUST EMBA student Lisa LAU said she has completed her program and the graduation ceremony will be held in July. 

Internship Experience in Qianhai (Jun 24)
A column article in HK Economic Journal talked about a year-two business student’s internship experience as a docent at the Qianhai SZ-HK Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub.

Commentaries on Extraction Bill – Peace and Violence (Jun 21)
Headline Daily carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis LUI, Department of Economics, on the clashes and distrust between the police and protestors and the organizer’s turnout rate in the recent rallies against the extraction bill. In another article also in Headline Daily, Prof Lui talked about the lasting impact of some student movements in China’s recent history.

Building Bonds with Exchange Students (Jun 21)
Ming Pao Daily and Wen Wei Po reported on a business student Cinless TSANG, who invited non-local students to her home for dinner through the student-led initiative “Be Our Guest” and her positive experiences.

GBUS Student Shares Practical Admission Tips (Jun 20)
Ming Pao featured a Global Business (GBUS) student Oscar TAO, who is also a participant of a TV show “Eye Catching Idol”. Oscar talked about his own passion and benefits of business education, including tips to get admission into GBUS program.

Double-edged Sword: Supervisor-subordinate Relationship & Innovation (Jun 17)
HK Economic Journal (解牛集) carried an article by Chair Prof GONG Yaping, Department of Management, on how mutual trust within teams of different cultures could affect innovation.

RMB Outlook (Jun 11)
HK01 and WenWei Po  and other media reported on the Annual Forum of HK Offshore RMB Business and the RMB Business Outstanding Awards hosted by Ta Kung Pao and Metro Radio. Adjunct Prof KC CHAN, Department of Finance, attended the event and said HK could do a lot more as an offshore RMB center for the currency’s internationalization, and that the city could play an important role in the GBA financial sector.

The Significance of 5G Commercial Licenses in China (Jun 11)
HK Commercial Daily cited comments made by Associate Dean Prof XU Yan on China’s recent issuance of 5G commercial licenses and the significant impact of the technology on the country. 

Examining Hiring Preferences in Online Labor Markets (Jun 10)
Hong Kong Economic Journal (解牛集) carried an article by Prof WANG Jing, Department of ISOM, on employers’ hiring preferences through online platforms.

A Debate Over the Number of Protesters (Jun 9)
A number of local media reported on the estimated turnout rate of recent rallies against the extraction bill by Prof Francis LUI.  Meanwhile, Prof Lui wrote an article in Headline Daily on the Sino-US trade war.

Voices and Deeds: Predicting Firm Performance with Artificial Intelligence (Jun 7)
GNAM Perspective republished an article written for the HKUST School Magazine, by Prof CHEN Yanzhen. In the article, Prof Chen explained how AI may enable computers to detect meaning and nuance from voices, helping to inform financial decision-making and predict profitability.

Opportunities for Masters in Finance Students in China (Jun 6)
BusinessBecause featured the MS in Global Finance Program jointly offered by HKUST and NYU Stern. The article we spoke with two students of the program who explained why China is the go-to-place for opportunities in finance and how the studies benefit their career advance.

Huawei Gets Bogged Down in the Two-sided Market (Jun 3)
Hong Kong Economic Journal (解牛集) carried an article by Chair Prof HUI Kai Lung, Department of ISOM, on the challenges faced by Huawei after it was blacklisted by the US government.

The Knock-on Effects of Sino-US Trade War (Jun 3)
Headline Daily and HKCNA carried comments by Prof Francis LUI on his views on the impacts of the Sino-US trade war on mainland students studied in the US and the global market.


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