Feature Stories


Shaping the Future of Chinese Family Business

The huge contribution family businesses make to the global economy doesn’t always get the level of attention it deserves. From Ford and Walmart in the US to Volkswagen and BMW in Germany, many world-renowned brand names are the public face of such enterprises...more

BizInsight@HKUST Forum Examines the Future of Chinese Family Businesses

In mid-September, a distinguished array of speakers shared their insights with a packed ballroom at a hotel in Hong Kong. Highlights of the forum were a donation renewal ceremony recognizing the Tanoto Foundation’s continued support for HKUST Business School’s Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, and a thought-provoking presentation followed by a panel discussion...more

Family Affairs: Common Threads of Four Family Business Leaders

Family business is a catch-all term covering enterprises that vary widely in size, generation and purpose. They may also be organized around a range of governance and management structures. The balance between ownership and management, and the degree to which individual family members are involved, may differ. Meanwhile, the relative value and weighting assigned to family interests and business interests is probably unique in each case. But along with the differences there are, of course, common threads in their practices and philosophies...more

The Outward-looking Family Philanthropy

Since Mr Sukanto Tanoto founded RGE in Indonesia in 1973, the business has grown into an international resource-based group of companies with assets exceeding US$18 billion and a workforce of over 60,000. Alongside the development of the business, Mr Tanoto has been very keen that he, and the members of his family, actively give something back - both to the communities his companies operate in and to the wider society... more

Evolution: Putting a Premium on Collective Happiness

Lee Kum Kee was founded in Nanshui, Zhuhai, Guangdong in 1888 and its Chinese-style sauces have gone on to sell around the world. In response to diverse aspirations of individual family members, the decision was made in 1992 to evolve the business into a holding company that places an emphasis on a governance structure, and a modus operandi, that aim to maximize harmony within the family...more

Taking Transgenerational Entrepreneurship into the Digital Age

With the launch of the MaBelle jewelry store chain more than two decades ago, Mr Max Ma opened up a whole new market for the Lee Heng Diamond Group founded by his father. Now Mr Theodore Ma, Max’s son, is expanding the family’s engagement with  the innovations beyond the family business  through CoCoon, an entrepreneurship network he co-founded in 2012...more

Putting Succession into Perspective

Dr Hans Michael Jebsen, Chairman of Jebsen and Co, can look back on a company history that has seen the family-owned trading group navigate extremely stormy political times, along with economic choppy waters. It’s with this perspective, in which survival has sometimes been a more pressing issue than succession planning, that he views the process of passing on the baton of leadership...more