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Faculty Insight

Eye-Tracking Technology and Marketing
By Ralf van der Lans, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, HKUST Business School

Visual attention is a scarce resource in a world where we are bombarded with commercials, websites banners, and ads on buses and in the MTR. It is also of critical importance for people trying to drive sales transactions....more

Influencing Consumer Behavior Using Online Social Cues
By Koh Tat Koon, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management, HKUST Business School

Recent evolutions in technology and consumer behavior offer opportunities and motivation for businesses to use social information in their marketing activities and strategies. The high penetration of social media means many websites now integrate plug-ins to encourage consumers to “like, share, and follow”. As consumers frequently refer to reviews when making their own purchase decisions, businesses are also providing channels for customers to share their experience with others by posting online reviews...more

Micro-Moments: Understand Digital Consumers from Their Live Tweets, Instagram Photos and Google Searches
By Wang Wenbo, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, HKUST Business School

Digital consumers are living their lives in micro-moments: purchase moments, discovery moments, action moments, et cetera. In those moments, consumers want to know, say, go, or buy, and they expect brands to address their immediate needs with real-time relevance. Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere. More importantly, micro-moments can be measured and managed...more

Unconscious Consumer Behavior in Marketing
By Amy N. Dalton, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, HKUST Business School

Simply asking consumers how they are influenced by different elements of the marketing mix, including products, brands, retail stores and salespeople is a largely ineffective approach...more

How Long Did I Wait? Understanding Consumers’ Wait Duration Judgments
By Hong Jiewen and Zhou Rongrong, Associate Professors, Department of Marketing, HKUST Business School

Consumers often have to wait to acquire products or services (e.g., wait in line to check out at supermarkets or queue up to withdraw money from an ATM). It has been shown that consumers typically perceive these waiting experiences negatively and that longer waits contribute to lower customer satisfaction. In this research, we aim to gain a better understanding of how consumers perceive the length of a wait...more