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Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Empowering the future

Innovation is the key to success in our ultra-competitive world. The latest advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud technology and big data not only provide new sources of inspiration that drives innovation, but also fuels startups around the world. The new wave of startups are challenging traditional business models and no one can succeed by maintaining the status quo.

In recent years, Hong Kong has cultivated some homegrown unicorns and attracted investment from the world’s leading venture capital firms. But there is still a long road ahead. The city is moving forward to harness opportunities offered by new developments like the Greater Bay Area initiative. Our higher education sector is also working hard to develop a tech-savvy talent pool with cross-disciplinary skills.

We met with senior members of government and technology parks, business leaders and venture capital investors, to hear their perspectives on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the pages ahead, they share their vision of the future and hopes for Hong Kong innovators.

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