Feature Stories


Meet Our New Faculty

As a magnet for the brightest minds, the HKUST Business School has attracted 38 young and aspiring scholars from around the world over the past three years. They not only reinforce our commitment to academic excellence, but also greatly enhance our gender and cultural diversity. 

Department of Accounting

  1. ZHENG Yue  鄭悅
  2. LI Xinlei 李莘檑   
  3. Evgeny PETROV  
  4. WANG Jing  汪京  
  5. TANG Chao  唐朝
  6. Arthur MORRIS
  7. Siddharth BHAMHWANI
Department of Economics

  1. Kohei KAWAGUCHI 川口康平   
  2. LIN Yatang 林婭棠    
  3. Robin Kaiji GONG 龔開濟   
  4. LEE Byoungchan
  5. WU Qinggong  吳慶功
  6. LI Xuan 黎璇 
  7. AU Pak Hung 歐栢雄   
Department of Finance

  1. JI Yan 吉岩   
  2. Emilio BISETTI
  3. Yoshio  NOZAWA  
  4. XIONG Yan 熊琰   
  5. CHEN Zhanhui 陳展輝
Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management

  1. YANG Yi 楊毅  
  2. LEE Dongwon  
  3. CHEN Yanzhen  陳彥臻  
  4. SHIN Dongwook  
  5. BAEK Jiye   
  6. Lucy XIA 夏璐   
  7. KWON Ohchan
  8. YIN Zhitao 殷志韜   
Department of Marketing

  1. LIU Jia 劉佳  
  2. June SHI 石梓君  
  3. Sophie FAN 范林瑩
Department of Management

  1. Chaitali KAPADIA 柏嘉麗  
  2. David DANIELS  
  3. CHO Jaee 曹資宜  
  4. KIM Yong H.   
  5. Madeline ONG 
  6. WANG Danqing 王丹青
  7. Martha JEONG
  8. MA Jingjing 馬婧婧