[eNews] FinTech for Non-technical Executives & Professionals Program(4-5 July 2017)

Fintech is shaping the landscape of the global economy in an unprecedented way. It affects every stage of the value chain of financial services, challenging existing business models while at the same time creating new opportunities untapped in the past.

To help executives understand the disruptive nature of FinTech, HKUST Business School Executive Education Office will offer FinTech for Non-technical Executives & Professionals, a newly launch 2-day program in July. Professor Tam Kar Yan, Professor Hui Kai Lung and Mr Paul Schulte will teach and share their insights in this program.

The program is designed for non-technical executives and professionals. It will present the high-level overview of FinTech development globally, regionally and locally; the fundamental concepts of core technologies including bitcoin, blockchain, data analytics, and security to facilitate the development of an appreciation of the underlying technology enablers. The program will also cover regulatory issues and challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with members of the FinTech community to broaden their understanding.



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