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First Cohort of WBB Graduates Featured (15 Aug)

A number of local dailies featured the first cohort of the World Bachelor in Business (WBB) Program. Two of the first cohort graduates, Sophia Lim and Joseph Samucha, talked about their enriching and eye-opening learning experience in three different universities, and the internship and employment opportunities opened up for them on three continents. WBB Program Director Professor Stephen Nason introduced the program unique features, and its global network that students can build on three continents. He also gave an overview of the first cohort placements. (Yahoo, Standard, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, Sky Post, Sina News, Sing Tao, AM730, HKET, ETNET, Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Sing Pao, and 眾新聞)

Asia Schools in the Heart of Business (25 Aug)

Nikkei Asian Review featured some of the highly ranked business schools in Asia, including the HKUST Business School among others has made the Financial Times’ global top 50 MBA list. The article said the HKUST Business School was ranked No. 15 in the FT 2017 MBA Global Rankings. Dean Professor Tam Kar Yan was quoted as saying that the School has devised a hybrid “East-meets-West” curriculum that focuses heavily on case studies of Chinese and Hong Kong companies, and more traditional family-run businesses. The move reflects how Asian schools have transformed themselves from clones of their Western counterparts to offer uniquely designed programs suited to local conditions. In a separate article that zoomed in on entrepreneurship, Professor Tam said many students these days want to join tech companies or start their own, and thus the School is changing to meet this new demand.

Moscow Academic Addresses Belt & Road Issues (4 Aug)

SCMPand HKEJ carried sponsored supplements featuring the BizInsight@HKUST talk on “One Belt, One Road”, with speakers including Mr Alexey Kalinin and Mr Vladimir Korovkin from the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. They examined the geo-economics of the Eurasian heartland and the migration strategic management for economic growth. Meanwhile, Professor Steven DeKrey, Associate Dean at HKUST Business School, said the School is looking at joint faculty research and second degree programs with SKOLKOVO, for which some proposals have been generated though not yet finalized.

Professor KC Chan on Radio Program (2 Sep)

Metro Radio 《人生馬拉松》 interviewed Adjunct Professor KC Chan, Department of Finance. He talked about his career path both in the US and Hong Kong, and experience in academia, the government and public services. He also recapped his role as a former dean of the Business School, years of service in the government administration, and return to HKUST where he will help promoting FinTech and entrepreneurship. Part 1 (07:30-29:51) & 2 (05:32-29:51)

Dean Appointed Chairperson of Curriculum Development Council (1 Sep)

The HKSAR Government announced the chairmanship and membership of the new-term Curriculum Development Council (CDC). Dean of HKUST Business School Professor Tam Kar Yan is appointed as Chairperson of the CDC for a term of two years from 1 September. Several media including RTHK, Ming Pao and Apple Daily reported on the announcement.


Incentives to Attract Startups in Qian Hai (31 Aug)

Mainland online news portals Xinhuanet and reported on a student’s positive working experience after joining a startup in Qian Hai. An SBM Year-3 student Chan Chun Kwong shared how he joined a technology product development team in Qian Hai. The story said Qian Hai has become an incubation hub in the region, with incentives that attract a growing number of young and passionate entrepreneurs, including those from Hong Kong.

Task Force on Land Supply (30 Aug)

Most local media reported that the Government has appointed 22 non-official and eight official members to the Task Force on Land Supply. Members of the Task Force, including Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, will study options on increasing land supply, review government’s land policy and explore land sources.

A Tight-Fisted or Pragmatic Budget (29 Aug)

HKEJcarried a commentary (解牛集) by Dr Kelvin Mak, Department of Accounting. He commented on the criticism over the tight-fisted financial management approach adopted by the government in the past and suggested that the new government should take a more pragmatic approach according to the needs of the society.

“Be Our Guest” Program (28 Aug)

Yahoo, Sing Tao, HKEJ, am730, ODN, HK01, Tai Kung Pao and Wen Wei Poreported an ISOM student Jason Yuen initiated a program “Be Our Guest” with the President’s 1-HKUST Student Life Award to enhance merging of students from different origins by organizing home-cooked dinners for non-local students.

Liable to be Prosecuted (25 Aug)

Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics. He shared his views on the liability of student movement leaders, following the court verdict on “Occupy Central” protesters for contempt of court over injunction violations.

First Cryptocurrency for Shipping Industry (25 Aug)

Sing Tao, Am730, ODN and Sing Pao reported on two HKUST graduates Jonathan Lee (Finance) and Johnson Leung (Biology), who have created the first cryptocurrency for shipping industry in an attempt to solve “no-show bookings” issue which has cost the sector billions of dollars over the past decade. ISOM Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung is their adviser.

Costs of “Savior” Act Significantly Exceed Benefits (23 Aug)

SCMP Education Post carried a research summary by Associate Professor Li Xi. His research looks into the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) after several notorious corporate scandals in the 2000s and the short- and long-term impact of SOX on shareholders of cross-listed foreign private issuers.

Concern Over Job Opportunities for Women (22 Aug)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Senior Associate Dean Professor Li Jiatao, Department of Management, on the inequality in male and female’s salary and the potential decrease in job varieties for females.

Kidnap Saga (18 Aug)

Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the “kidnap saga” claimed by Howard Lam.

Ethereum and Smart Contract (15 Aug)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung, Department of ISOM. He talked about the potential of Ethereum in creating smart contracts, with its unique features to record transaction in a secure way.

Public Finance Management (15 Aug)

HKEJ carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics, commenting on Joseph Yam Chi-Kwong’s views on public finance management.

Public Sector Undertakings in India (13 Aug)

Indian newspaper Economic Times examined how India’s Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are set for an evolution through disinvestment. Associate Professor Li Xi, Department of Accounting, commented on the role played by state-owned enterprises in time of recession. He said India, unlike China where if the economy is in danger of recession, SOEs can quickly deploy government resources and play a counter cyclical role.

Filibustering and Judicial Review (11 Aug)

Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics, commenting on the cost and impacts of filibustering and judicial review on the society.Headline Daily carried another article by Professor Lui on his views over the conversion period proposed by Joseph Yam Chi-Kwong.

The Interplay of Abusive Supervisors and Misbehaving Subordinates (9 Aug)

SCMP Education Post carried a research summary by Assistant Professor Lian Huiwen, Department of Management. Her study looks beyond how abusive supervision can lead to organizational deviance, or misbehavior, among subordinates. Her study offers a surprising answer after two surveys conducted.

Challenges and Opportunities of Robotics for China’s Manufacturing (8 Aug)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Professor Albert Park, Department of Economics. He commented on the influence of robotic production, the associated risks and opportunities for Chinese production industry.

Sudden Deaths Reveal Truths about Executive Compensation (8 Aug)

GNAM Perspectives carried a research summary by Associate Professor Kasper Nielsen. His research looks at the stock price reaction to the sudden death of a top executive, and correlates that with executive compensation. The study identified 149 sudden deaths of CEOs and top executives in the US between 1991 and 2008.

Co-location Arrangement for Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK Express Rail Link (4 Aug)

Headline Daily carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics. He shared his views on the proposed arrangement to co-locate immigration and customs facilities for both the Mainland and the SAR at the Hong Kong Station of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

Professor KC Chan as Adjunct Professor at HKUST (1 Aug)

A number of local media reported that the government has issued a statement concluding that the post-office employment to be taken up by former Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Professor KC Chan would not cause any conflict of interest. He will return to HKUST as an Adjunct Professor. (Now TV, Metro Radio, etnet, Standard)

Blockchain and Bitcoin (1 Aug)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung, Department of ISOM. He explained about the technology behind Blockchain and Bitcoin in his article, and its huge potential for transaction and smart contracts.


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