[eNews] Recognition for Our Academics

A paper by ISOM’s Chair Prof James Thong, published in the Journal of Operations Management (2012), was presented the JOM Ambassador Award at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Atlanta on 6 August 2017. The award is given to a paper for inter-disciplinary research published in the last five years that has been widely cited in the subsequent literature and a significant portion of these citations have appeared in non-Operations Management journals. Another paper titled, “Human Computer Interaction” by Prof Thong and Dean Prof Tam Kar Yan in Decision Support Systems (2006) is rated No.3 in the Top-10 Classic Papers published ten years ago, according to Google Scholar Classic Papers 2017. Classic papers are highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time. For each area, Google Scholar lists the ten most-cited articles which were published ten years earlier.

Meanwhile, a paper by Associate Prof Zhu Jing of the Department of Management has won the International HRM Scholarly Research Award presented by the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management (AoM). The award is given to authors of the most significant article in international human resource management.


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