[eNews] MBA Students Work on Solution to Sustainable Development

The first ever UNLEASH Innovation Lab was held in Denmark In August 2017, where 1,000 selected students and other participants gathered to co-create feasible solutions to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals before 2030. As one of the academic partners, HKUST nominated two MBA students, Julian Wong and Yasir Naveed, to the program.

“This event would be different if it was not hosted in Denmark,” said Julian Wong, who worked for the largest recycling company in Hong Kong town prior to starting his MBA. “Designed to be interactive, the program encouraged cultural exchange amongst delegates from 129 cultural backgrounds.”

Participants spent ten days in the most sustainable country in the world, learning Danish practices and working together to co-create impactful solutions.

Another HKUST participant, Yasir Naveed, was impressed by the unique Danish Folk High School system that UNLEASH used to create momentum. "The biggest leverage point of UNLEASH was not only the diversity of backgrounds and professional knowledge, but the unique school system – where students resided, sang and inspired each other. The community center connects local communities, leaders and change makers to inspire each other - a system definitely worth pursuing around the world."

About the program:


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