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Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Tops FT Rankings for the Eighth Time (17 Oct)

Most local newspapers reported on the Global EMBA Rankings by the Financial Times (SCMP, Standard, Ming Pao, Tai Kung Pao, Sky Post, Apple, Headline, Sina, Now, Metro Daily, Oriental Daily, Bastillepost). Most said KH EMBA program topped the list for the eighth times highlighting the average salary of the graduates. A number of papers featured Mr John Lo, CFO of Tencent Group and KH EMBA graduate (SCMP, HKET, RTHK, Wen Wei Po, HK01, Sky Post, Sing Tao). He spoke about the value of the program on career advancement and tips to be a successful entrepreneur. Other regional media including the Financial Time and Business Because, PIE News carried reports on the ranking results, while popular mainland portals including Sina Finance and Xinhua headlined that the top three spots this year have been notched up by universities in China.

SKOLKOVO Business School and HKUST Launch Joint EMBA (18 Oct)

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO issued a press release to announce a joint Executive MBA program with HKUST Business School in the autumn of 2018. The program “HKUST-SKOLKOVO Executive MBA Program for Eurasia” will focus on business in Eurasia within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

New M2M Dual Master Degree Program (12 Oct)

SCMP carried a postgraduate supplement featuring the new M2M dual master degree program that HKUST teams up with Yale Business School and HEC Paris to offer. Chris Tsang, Executive Director of the School, said M2M graduates will have a broader global perspective and the international experience that employers increasingly look for.


China Should Forge Ahead with Innovation (31 Oct)

HKEJcarried a commentary (解牛集) by Chair Prof Li Jiatao, Department on Management, discussing China’s latest innovation drive as revealed in President Xi’s policy priorities in the 19th National Congress.

Ceremony of Named Professorships (30 Oct)

Wen Wei Po, together with supplements in Sing Tao and SCMP, reported on the HKUST fourth inauguration ceremony of named professorships for 15 outstanding faculty members. The faculty at Business School that received the honor include Prof Hung Mingyi, Department of Accounting, appointed as Fung Term Professor of Accounting; Prof Jaideep Sengupta, Department of Marketing, appointed as Synergis-Geoffery YEH Professor of Business; and Prof James Thong, Department of ISOM, appointed as Michael Jebsen Professor of Business.

Being “Super Connector” Amid Pearl River Delta Development (29 Oct)

Xinhua News Agency examined the role of Hong Kong amid the Pearl River Delta Development. Associate Dean Prof Xu Yan was quoted as saying that universities in Hong Kong are world-leading and can provide cutting edge knowledge to take advantage of the Pearl River Delta Development.

Comment on FinTech (27-28 Oct)

Commercial Radio carried comments made by Adjunct Professor of Finance KC Chan in the “FinTech Week Forum” – themed “The Future of AI in Finance”, organized by InvestHK. Prof Chan said Hong Kong could provide an idea platform for mainland players to export their Fintech products or services. Meanwhile, SCMP zoomed in on “the power of AI” citing comment made by Prof Chan on the same occasion. Prof Chan opined that China would dominate in the field of AI combining FinTech in the future.

Oversea Property Investment by Hongkongers (30 Oct)

HK Commercial Daily looked into the pros and cons of overseas property investment and other investment tools of Hongkongers. Prof Edwin Lai, Department of Economics, commented on RMB outlook and expected that RMB would appreciate in the long run with an annual average increase of 3% against USD in the next decade.

Co-existence of Difference Voices (Oct)

Yazhou Zhoukan carried a commentary by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the growingly lesser acceptance of co-existence of difference voices in society and politics.

MBA Rankings by The Economist (28 Oct)

Several local dailies, including HK01 Sing Tao Daily and HKET, reported on the MBA rankings by the Economist, in which HKUST MBA was ranked No.97. Some papers carried a response by the School, saying different rankings served as references for the school to evaluate and improve.

Chinese Lenders Slide Down Investment Banking League Tables (25 Oct)

Financial Time carried comment made by Prof Veronique Lafon-Vinais, Department of Finance, saying that Chinese banks are improving in making profits in areas including high yield Asian debt, even though they are losing out on fees from foreign buyers acquiring assets in China.

Financing of the Belt and Road Initiatives (24 Oct)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Adjunct Prof Alicia Garcia-Herrero, commenting that China needs other countries’ support in financing the mega projects under the Belt and Road initiative.

Startup by SBM Alumni (19 Oct)

A number of local dailies reported a startup by two SBM alumni Leo Wong and Raymond Sze, who respectively launched the startup Sensbeat and a popular game Freeing HK, have recently moved on to a new business that rebrand Chinese tea in selling overseas (Sky Post, Yahoo, HKET, am730, TKP, WWP, and Ming Pao)

About Nobel Prize Winner Richard Thaler and his Theories (18 Oct)

HKEJ carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the theories put forward by 2017 Economic Sciences Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler.

Policy Address and Concern over a Sustainable Future (17 Oct)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Dr Kelvin Mak, Department of Accounting, discussing taxation initiatives in the policy address.

Family Business Stories Featured in SCMP Online (13 Oct) reposted the interview stories and articles contributed by faculty on the topic of family businesses, which are published in the latest edition of the School Magazine.

Comment on Policy Address (13 Oct)

Sky Post and HKET carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the money management in CE Carrie Lam’s maiden policy address and the massive traffic jam on mainland China during the golden week earlier this month.

Re-launch of Political Reform (12 Oct)

HKEJ carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on some factors that need be considered before re-launching the political reform in Hong Kong.

Using e-Education to Develop Talent (10 Oct)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Prof Hui Kar Lung, Department of ISOM, on how e-learning can help identify and develop talent.

Authoritarianism (6 Oct)

Sky Post carried an article by Prof Emeritus Francis Lui, Department of Economics, discussing on plan to give up parts of the country parks for housing development, which would see more Hongkongers disobey the law and trigger more debate on “authoritarianism”.

Regulation of ICO (3 Oct)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Prof Hui Kar Lung, Department of ISOM, on the value of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – a controversial means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, and how it should be regulated.

Mistakes Made by Occupy Central (3 Oct)

Ta Kung Pao carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the wrongdoings of those took part in Occupy Central.


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