[eNews] “UHackFin” Brought the Inaugural FinTech Week to a Successful Conclusion

FinTech is booming, attracting global investments and opening up new opportunities. The Business School organized a series of activities between 30 October and 5 November, including a career fair and company talks, together with other action-packed events on FinTech.

To begin with, an alumni sharing session on FinTech, featured three alumni entrepreneurs, including Samson Lee (MBA/MSc), Co-Founder of Ethereum South China and South Asia; Jonathan Lee (BBA FINA), Co-Founder of 300cubits; and Bianca Ho (BBA GBUS), Co-Founder of Clare.AI.  Following their presentations, the three joined a panel discussion moderated by Chair Professor Prof Hui Kai Lung, Deputy Head, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management.

With the support of the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, the “UHackFin” or FinTech hackathon took place in the final two days of the FinTech Week, bringing the week-long event to a successful conclusion. A total of 24 teams formed by students and alumni were given 24 hours to develop new apps with the potential to disrupt the finance industry.

Over 20 judges and mentors complimented the participants on their ability to identify "real" industry challenges and develop innovative solutions. They noted that these types of project could make a difference in the world of finance and beyond.

The winning team, Kibbutz (Year 4 computer science students), devised a solution for the long-standing issue of how to allocate and account for money donated to charities. They impressed the judges with a combination of algorithms and Bitcoin used for transactions and verification.


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