[eNews] HKUST Faculty Presented at Hong Kong FinTech Week

The Hong Kong FinTech Week was staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in October, and saw HKUST faculty engaging in lively discussions with the industry on the digital future of the financial services industry.

The HKUST Panel began with Prof Mike So from the Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management. He spoke on the “Use of Smart Data in High Frequency Finance and Risk Management” and described how high-frequency stock trading works and the factors determining the efficiency of this process.

The next speaker, Prof Allen Huang, from the Department of Accounting, addressed the subject of “The Value of Human Judgment”. He explained how he had used machines and algorithms to automate investment processes. But no matter which algorithm people use, humans tend to outperform machines as the human edge comes from the ability to access qualitative rather than quantitative information, he noted.

The final speaker was Dr Frank Tong, Global Head of Innovation and Strategic Investments with HSBC. His presentation focused on the growing impact of Fintech. He said banks possess a wealth of data from both individuals and organizations, and the effective use of this data is becoming increasingly important. Big data can be applied to predict which financial products will appeal to customers, for example.

Prof K C Chan was busy during the conference, not just as moderator of the HKUST panel discussion, but also spoke as panel speaker on another session and shared his views on a topic “China’s Rise in the Global AI Race”.


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