[eNews] Webinar on Social Networks and Viral Marketing

The rise of online social networks, such as Facebook, Sina Weibo, Twitter, and WeChat has been one of the most significant developments on the web in the last decade. It has transformed how consumers interact with each other and affected the way companies communicate with their customers. One way to leverage social connections is to develop a viral marketing campaign. In such campaigns, companies contact a few influential customers, who are encouraged to share positive word-of-mouth. A viral marketing campaign can spread rapidly if successful, and have a potentially vast reach. The challenge for marketers is how to master control over the process and adapt their strategies to boost the chances of success.

Prof. Ralf van der Lans, Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing hosted a webinar on 11 October 2017 with the topic “Social Networks and Viral Marketing”.  In the 30-minute webinar, Prof. van der Lans first shared how information spreads online over social networks, illustrated the small world in social networks by the distance between people, and explained who the influential people in social networks are. Prof van der Lans also shared how to manage viral marketing campaigns, how to motivate customers to share content and how to increase sharing acceptance. He concluded the webinar with a real life viral example.


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