[eNews] Managing Critical Relationships in Startups: Workshop by Prof Sam Garg at the Asia Society.

Professor Sam Garg (Department of Management) led an entrepreneurship workshop at the prestigious Asia Society. The workshop brought together 30 renowned startup CEOs, investors, board members and senior executives from the startup ecosystems of Hong Kong, India, and China.

This invitation-only workshop, held on 22 November, was one of the first of its kind held by the Asia Society as part of a two-day special event on entrepreneurship in India, Hong Kong and mainland China. Professor Garg, an expert in entrepreneurship and organizational research, began with the research observation that most startups fail due to people reasons (not technology), and sought to focus the attention of the attendees on effective ways of managing three critical relationships: CEO-board relationship, relationship among the cofounders, and relationship with market intermediaries such as the media. These issues are rarely discussed openly in startups, and yet constructive relationships are critical for them because they have little else to rely on.

The workshop stimulated a healthy and positive discussion where the attendees shared challenges and observations from their respective ecosystems. Professor Garg led the discussion and complemented insights from his own research on these topics. He urged the investors, board members and CEOs to explicitly attend to these relationship issues because they significantly increase the odds of success.


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