[eNews] Huawei’s Innovation Receives International Accolade

Huawei is one of the world´s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Prof Xu Yan, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management of HKUST Business School, has examined the key to its success, including its “Innovation Research Program”. He presented a paper based on his findings to the Open and User Innovation Conference, which first caught the attention of Prof Henry Chesbrough (UC Berkeley). Prof Chesbrough is known for coining the term “open innovation” and is called the father of the open innovation concept.

Prof Xu was later invited to speak at the World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) in 2016, after which Huawei’s experience has raised growing attention from WOIC. In December 2017, WOIC invited Huawei to bid for the grand prize on “Business Model Transformation”, and eventually won the award and received the trophy from Prof Chesbrough.

(Third from left) Prof Henry Chesbrough; Dr Haibo Lin of Global Head of Technology Collaboration at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd; and Prof Xu Yan of HKUST Business School


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