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Faculty Contribute to an Informed Discussion, Locally and Globally

RTHK “Face to Face” (星期三主場) interviewed Adjunct Prof KC Chan, Department of Finance, on FinTech, including its potential and how Hong Kong can better position to capitalize new opportunities in future development. Ming Pao and HKEJ recapped his comments from the program with a focus on the Budget that the government surplus should be used for land development.

Associate Dean Prof Steve DeKrey shared in a feature article (entitled: Cultural aspects of global leadership) in a Russian media Ведомости on nurturing global leaders. He said global leadership skills can be divided into intellectual, psychological and social skills, and that leadership styles can be learnt. Separately, SCMP featured HKUST’s partnership with Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO on the dual-degree EMBA program, in which Prof DeKrey elaborated on the program’s vision - to nurture talents equipped with new skills and knowledge who can navigate the integration between Asia and Europe.

RTHK “Face to Face” (星期三主場) interviewed Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on his views on the future development of Hong Kong, including its economic and social development and other aspects. Prof Lui also joined the RTHK “City Forum (城市論壇) to discuss with other speakers if Hong Kong government should consider public handouts in the Budget.

Prof Hui Kai-Lung, Deputy Head of Department of ISOM, shared his views on GNAM, HKEJ (解牛集) and SCMP on initial coin offerings (ICO) and the opportunities for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in Asia.

He said that while it is understandable for governments to regulate speculation activities, the new technology also facilitates novel applications to solve legacy problems for some industries, such as resolving the inefficiency caused by no-show and overbooking in the container shipping industry.


It’s Time for a Tax Reform (27 Feb)

HKEJ carried an article (解牛集) by Dr Kelvin Mak, Department of Accounting, on Tax Reform. He said that the government can focus on the strategic development for 1-2 industries, and proceed in accordance with relevant taxation policy. He also highlighted that the government needs to optimize the taxation structure to brace the increasing healthcare expenditure for the aging population.

Views on Budget 2018-19 (26 Feb)

Ming Pao and various papers carried comments by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the upcoming Budget 2018-19. He said that giving money back to the public is a good proposal.

Comment on Taiwan University’s New President Appointment (23 Feb)

Headline carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on Taiwan University’s new President appointment saga.

Comment on Sino-US Trade Imbalance (18 Feb)

Global Times carried an article co-written by Prof Wang Pengfei, Department of Economics, on Sino-US trade imbalance. He said that the US trade deficit is the result of the financial liberalization of China and the country’s underdeveloped banking-credit-financial system.

Views on the Budget 2018-19 (18 Feb)

Oriental Daily carried a comment by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on the government’s coming budget blueprint.

Investments in Public Infrastructure in India (14 Feb)

Forbes cited a study co-authored by Associate Professor Abhiroop Mukherjee, Department of Finance. The article examined whether financing responds to productivity changes arising from large-scale road-building initiatives. Prof Mukherjee’s study was also published earlier by India’s financial daily, Financial Express.

US Rate Hike and Trade World (13 Feb)

HKEJ carried an article (解牛集) by Prof Edwin Lai, Department of Economics, on falling US stock market and looming Sino-US trade war. He said that Hong Kong should prepare itself for the potential Trade war by forming alliances with Belt and Road countries, increasing its investment in research, innovation and technology, and realizing its strength through partnership with Shenzhen and other joint ventures

Comment on Chinese Conglomerate’s Development (9 Feb)

Financial Times (Chinese) carried a comment by Prof Veronique Lafon-Vinais, Department of Finance, on private Chinese conglomerate HNA’s development.

Use of AI to Find Potential Customers (6 Feb)

HKEJ carried an article (解牛集) by Prof Yang Yi, Department of ISOM, on how AI technology helps target market audience. He said that AI can generalize human behavioral pattern by analyzing big data, helping corporations to make better decision. By leveraging on AI, it can also increase the reach to the target audience for better promotion results.

Thoughts on Asian Art Collectors (6 Feb)

Christie’s feature article carried a comment in a panel discussion by Prof Roger King, Founder and Director of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, on how Asian art collectors may begin to develop their own philanthropic identities.

Comment on University of Chicago’s Handling of Student Protest (2 Feb)

Headline carried an article by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on University of Chicago’s heavy-handed handling of student protest.


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