[eNews] The Executive Education Office Offers Regional Programs for New Clients

In March, the Executive Education Office ran two regional programs for two new clients – Colgate and Warner Music Asia.

The Office launched the Colgate Asian Leadership Program on campus for 32 executives from 12 countries. Four HR coaches also joined the program. The program aims to equip participants with strategic planning abilities – to accelerate growth and to enhance their self-awareness and personal effectiveness in critical leadership skills. The program included lectures and a business simulation on Strategy Planning by Prof Chris Doran; coaching and action learning projects sessions by Colgate HR coaches, a Colgate executive sharing session by Mr Vinod Nambiar, President, Asia Pacific Division and Mr Ram Raghavan, Vice President of Marketing, Asia Pacific Division. There were company visits to Shenzhen as well.

Also in March, Warner Music Asia sent 30 senior executives from 10 countries/cities in the region t our campus for a 2-day Effective Negotiations Program.  Led by Prof Laurence Franklin, different negotiating styles were introduced and discussed. Participants learnt how to deal with negotiators with different styles through role plays in negotiation exercises and case discussions. Through practicing in different roles, analyzing and debriefing on all negotiation results, participants gained insights into the key success factors and common faults in the negotiation process.


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