[eNews] Franklin Prize for Teaching Excellence

Six faculty members were presented with the Franklin Prize this year on 7 May, in recognition of their outstanding performance in pursuing teaching excellence. The Department of Management received the Departmental Award.

The Franklin Prize was established in 2001 and its donor Professor Franklin Laurence was on hand to present the plaques to awardees.

Winners of Individual Awards (UG):

Professor Allen Huang (Department of Account) – Third left in the photo

Professor Wang Xuan (Department of ISOM) – Fourth left in the photo

Professor Leung Siu Fai (Department of Economics)

Winners of MBA Non-required Courses/MSc Teaching & MBA Required Courses this year include:

Professor Milind Rao (Department of Economics) – third left in the photo

Professor You Haifeng (Department of Accounting) – fourth left in the photo

Professor Fong Yuk Fai (Department of Economics)

Winner of the Department Award: Department of Management


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