[eNews] Learning from Filmmaking

A 120-minute feature film “DID I” produced by Joint University Media Production (JUMP), a student-initiative sponsored by the Center for Language Education (CLE), premiered in April.

“DID I” is produced by a group of students who are passionate about film-making. The film tells the story about the struggles of a mental patient suspected of taking part in criminal activities.

After the film show, students involved in the project shared plenty of information with the audience, whose members included the Chairman of the HKUST Council the Honorable Andrew Liao and Acting President Professor Shyy Wei. The student team, including producer Jack Lee, a year three UG student majoring in Management and Marketing, talked about what the learned while creating an original student film.

This is the first film that Jack has produced, and he reckoned it is more than the film itself. “I am very interested in creating media such as music, literature, and films. This project involved all these elements together. What’s more, the project provided an opportunity for us to break barriers among all the people involved in a highly accomplished community of students and faculty.”

Jack is from Korea, and it means a lot to him to be able to break not only cultural and national barriers, but also the inter-disciplinary barriers between students and faculty. “Students from France, Greece, Korea, Hong Kong and more, across the Schools of Science, Engineering, and Business and interdisciplinary programs, professors and deans were all involved. The whole community is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Jack said he learned a great deal from the community and through this project. He is grateful that for the generous and ongoing support from the University in helping the team to find the right people and provide venues and funding.

“No matter what I will do in future, I will aim to bring different people together and thrive to bring the best out of myself and others around me,” he said.


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