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GBUS Students in Metro Radio Education Program (Jun)

Metro Radio’s Program Education Plus (世界大學堂) interviewed four Global Business (GBUS) students, featuring their enriching learning activities, positive experiences and the admission requirements of the program. The interview was edited into three episodes and aired in three weeks (first, second and third episode). The Radio has also interviewed students of the Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Program and Professor Emily Nason, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Student Affairs), and their series are being scheduled to broadcast in the month of July.

BizInsight@HKUST Presentation Series in HR Magazine (Jun)

HR Magazine reported on one of the BizInsight@HKUST seminars held earlier, on a topic on diversity and inclusion. Approaching the subject from different angles, the two faculty speakers Professor Christy Zhou Koval and Professor David Daniels, both from the Department of Management, shared the findings from their studies and discussed with participants on gender stereotypes and whether investors value diversity. Meanwhile, SCMP and HKEJ carried a supplement recapping the key messages discussed in the seminar.


MBA Helps Graduates Land Jobs in Consulting and Tech (Jun)

BusinessBecause carried an article featuring HKUST MBA Program. Two graduates shared how the program pivots their careers in a new direction. In a separate article, it compared the google search rate of Financial Time’s top 20 business schools. The study found an average of 2,900 searches for HKUST Business School per month, while INSEAD, Harvard, and Wharton are the world’s most searched-for business schools, registering 90,500 global average monthly searches each.

“Economic Invasion” from China? (29 Jun)

Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics. He rebutted the saying that China is stepping up its “economic aggression” against the US.

Social Enterprise by SBM Graduate (29 Jun)

Sing Tao Daily carried a feature story on Kaifong Tour - a social enterprise founded by an SBM alumnus Luke Tam. Luke talked about his career in charity work.

How HNA’s House of Cards Unraveled (27 Jun)

FinanceAsia (login required) looked into the acquisition and merger activities by Chinese conglomeration HNA Group. Professor Veronique J. A. Lafon-Vinais, Executive Director, Career Development & Corporate Outreach offered her comments on the topic.

Could China Overtake the UK as a Study Abroad Hotspot? (27 Jun)

SI NEWS, a UK-based news portal for international students, cited comments by Professor Tam Kar Yan, Dean of HKUST Business School, on study in China. Based on a press release by GMAC, Professor Tam was quoted as saying that China will remain the world’s major growth engine in the years ahead, with reforms to allow its economy to unleash new potential and the Belt and Road initiative to bring a sustained momentum to the region.

Ways to Make Peer-Sharing on Social Media Safer (26 Jun)

The Strait Times carried an article on social media behavior written by Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management (ISOM). The article gives an overview of his research project on using insights from the concept of “negative externalities”. He said having platform owners set nudges or quotas before a person can share content can influence social media behavior.

Growing Corporate Social Responsibility (26 Jun)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Professor Allen Huang, Department of Accounting, on the growing importance of corporate social responsibility. He also explained the role of Environmental, Social and Governance, the trend in the global investment market and Hong Kong.

Can We Protect Data Privacy? (25 Jun)

GNAM Perspectives carried a series of articles contributed by faculty of different business schools amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung offers his views on data privacy, explaining the rules and regulations in Hong Kong and how they shape the way companies handle the privacy of Hongkongers.

Distrust of Chinese Telecom Companies (22 Jun)

BBC (Chinese) looked into the concerns that Chinese telecom companies, such as ZTE and Huawei, could “compromise” communication infrastructure security if foreign governments were to get them to build telecom networks. Chair Professor Hui Kai Lung commented on the security and data protection issues of such activities.

Land Supply and Population Policy (21 and 22 Jun)

Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui. He wrote on relationship between land supply and population policy. In HKEJ, he wrote another article discussing on weather democracy could promote economic growth.

Vacant Property Tax (19 Jun)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) Dr Kelvin Mak, Department on Accounting, discussing the much-debated Hong Kong’s vacant property tax. He talked about the pros and cons of the move and opined that regulating the ways of sales would be better than introducing such tax.

Commentaries on Local Current Issues (15 Jun)

Emeritus Prof Francis Lui wrote three commentaries in HKET, HKEJ and Headline Daily, on various local issues, including land supply consultation and Taiwanese students who choose to further their studies in mainland China.

Succession of Wealth (14 Jun)

Sina Finance looked into succession planning among Chinese families and business owners. Professor Roger King, Director to the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, common on a common Chinese saying – “Chinese families lose their fortunes in three generations”.

Opportunities Offered by AI Interpretability (12 Jun)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Professor Yang Yi, Department of ISOM, on AI’s business potential. He introduced some applications and explained the huge potential of AI Interpretability and Machine Learning (ML) that can be unleashed.

Greater Bay Area I&T Development Plan (10 Jun)

Yazhou Zhoukan carried an article by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on how HK universities can be part of the Greater Bay Area I&T development plan.

Haste Makes Waste and Impact of AI on Human Future (8 Jun)

Sky Post and Headline carried articles by Emeritus Prof Francis Lui, Department of Economics. He talked about how some better developed countries impose their own standards in other less developed nations, which makes no good. In another article, he talked about how AI may change human future.

Feel Busy All the Time? There’s an Upside to That (8 Jun)

Harvard Business Review published a research paper co-written by Professor Christine Kim, Department of Marketing, on how leading a busy life may be beneficial to health.

Risk of “Peer Disclosure in Online Social Communities” (5 Jun)

HKEJ carried a commentary (解牛集) by Professor Hui Kai Lung, Department of ISOM, on the risk of ‘peer-disclosure’ on social media platforms. He also discussed the role of regulation amid the Cambridge Analytica’s scandal.

HK Universities Setting Up Branches on Mainland (1 Jun)

Sky Post and Headline carried articles by Emeritus Professor Francis Lui, Department of Economics, on HK universities setting up branches on mainland and criticism.


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