[eNews] Webinar on FinTech and You

The Executive Education Office hosted a webinar in August on “FinTech and You” by Professor Veronique Lafon-Vinais, Associate Professor of Business Education, Department of Finance.

Professor Lafon-Vinais discussed how FinTech has swept the markets in the last few years and how it is altering our existing trading world in significant ways.

The webinar included recent innovative FinTech examples including the “Cloud” and Blockchain, and the new Tech examples such as ICOs & cryptocurrencies, deep learning and AI. Professor Lafon-Vinais illustrated the actual operation of these innovative technologies, and how they could impact the current financial market and even at the macro-level. The webinar has received active and positive responses, with interesting questions from the audience.

For anyone who is interested in FinTech, the Executive Education Office will introduce a new program “Fintech for Non-Technical Executives & Professionals” in November (1-2 Nov 2018). To know more or register at:


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