[eNews] “Mindset for Success” Forum

The School and the Center for Education Innovation joined hands to organize a forum on November 15, in honor of Professor Carol S. DWECK, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, and recipient of a 2018 Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from HKUST.

The forum, titled “Mindset for Success”, discussed Professor DWECK’s world-famous idea of the “growth mindset”, which has been recommended by the United Nations and the World Bank.

The growth mindset is the belief that one’s talents and abilities can be developed through hard work and learning new strategies and advice from others. In contrast, a fixed mindset is the belief that your abilities are just a fixed trait. People in a fixed mindset tend to focus on measuring themselves and think that others are measuring them. They are less likely to take on challenges and take failure very personally. A growth mindset, in contrast, does not guarantee success, but rather raises the chances of success. Much research has shown that it predicts better achievement over time especially during difficult school transitions.

Professor DWECK spoke about her experiences implementing the growth mindset, and its efficacy, in various settings around the world. Professor Pakwo LEUNG, Associate Dean of the School of Science, and Professor Melody CHAO, Associate Director of the Business School, also took opportunities to introduce the “growth mindset” at their respective Schools. An eager audience of over 160 people, of whom nearly a hundred were members of sister institutions, primary and secondary schools, and corporations, engaged in an extended and informative Q&A session.

Professor DWECK is an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the US National Academy of Sciences, and is the recipient of several lifetime achievement awards. Last year, she was decorated as one of the inaugural laureates of the prestigious US$3.9 million Yidan Prize for Education Research.


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