[eNews] Introducing New Online Course with GNAM Partner Schools

Students from MBA, MSc in Global Operations (MSGO) and MSc in International Management (MIMT) programs have completed a new online course – “Global Virtual Teams”, in which they were provided with a platform to team up with peers within the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) network. GNAM includes 30 leading business schools from diverse regions and countries around the world.

Contemporary organizations increasingly assign work to teams that are distributed around the globe. Almost universally, global virtual team structures have been known to be challenging to manage by their members. Cultural differences, time zone differences, and a number of other issues can emerge to hamper the effectiveness of such teams.

The course has attracted students from seven GNAM partner schools to join, including EGADE (Mexico), HKUST (Hong Kong), Hitotsubashi ICS (Japan), Lagos Business School (Nigeria), ESMT (Germany), IIMB (India) and Yale (US). With the guidance from Professor Mitya NEW at HKUST, an expert on Teams and Leadership, our students learned about the theory and concepts of building effective teams in the classroom.

At the end of the course, the participants applied their skills and knowledge to build both a physical team and a virtual team. They were also able to partner with their peers from GNAM partner schools to complete a negotiation simulation via the virtual platform.


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