[eNews] Tech Program for Alfa Capital and AI Workshop for Lenovo

FinTech is shaping the landscape of the global economy in an unprecedented way. It affects every stage of the financial services value chain and is creating new opportunities that have been untapped in the past. To help executives get ready for the FinTech revolution, the Executive Education Office offered a half-day FinTech program in February for executives from Alfa Capital, one of the leading asset management companies in Russia.

The program was conducted by Prof Hilton CHAN, Adjunct Professor (ISOM). Prof CHAN first introduced the FinTech model (BitAd) – Business, Innovative Integration, Technology, Algorithm and Data, and used this model to illustrate InsurTech, RegTech and ePayment applications. In addition, he invited guest speakers from CashAlgo and Smart Wise to share their Algo strategies that helped participants understand some practical applications and operations.

Prof CHAN further explained the real FinTech cases in BlockChain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Tokenized Economy, Quantitative Finance and Algo Trading. The program inspired the participants to think about the feasible investments and implications in different kinds of FinTech, and its potential developments.

AI in Business Workshop for Lenovo

Also in February, the Executive Education Office offered two workshops for Lenovo Business Transformation/ Information Technology (BT/IT) units on Artificial Intelligence in Business at Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing.  

Led by Prof ZHENG Rong (ISOM), the morning session targeted 200 staff from BT/IT units. The workshop members discussed how AI would reshape the business in the near future. Prof ZHENG started with the latest development of AI, its application and limitations. Then, he covered some core AI algorithms and discussed some AI cases in the Western market.Finally, he shared his views on the future of AI.

In the afternoon session, Prof ZHENG discussed Natural Language Processing and AI applications in business from a technical perspective with 30 of Lenovo’s AI professionals. He shared his research about topic modelling, sentiment analysis, improving movie recommender systems using textual information in movie transcripts and improving face recognition with spatiotemporal information in video data. He also exchanged views of different AI algorithms with participants.


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