[eNews] Investment Circle Mentorship Program

Investment Circle is a student-run organization that brings finance enthusiasts of all levels together to broaden their interests, enrich their industry knowledge, and expand their networks.

The network launched an inaugural Mentorship Program in February. The Mentorship Program connects selected high-performing students with junior and senior mentors, giving them the opportunity to build lasting relationships with financial services professionals.

The first event was a kick-off on February 23 for all the mentors and mentees to meet in person. Mentors spoke to the audience of students about their backgrounds and provided valuable career advice.

Its next activity was held on March 28, featuring a panel on "The Future of Finance in Asia" by two alumni (Losif ZEMAN and Warut PROMBOON) and another speaker Pierre LAFON, COO of CA-CIB. The panel was moderated by Executive Director (Career Development & Corporate Outreach) Prof Veronique LAFON-VINAIS. 


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