[eNews] Activities at Newly Opened Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center

With its official opening on March 14, the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center is becoming the centralized hub for mentoring activities. The Center, named after the late Dr Karen LEE, a visiting scholar and later an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School, comprises study areas on two floors connected by a staircase, a learning commons, meeting/advising rooms, and a relaxing area for students.

UG Career Mentorship Program Reception cum Public Service Internship Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

The UG Career Mentorship Program Reception cum Public Service Internship Scholarship Presentation Ceremony marked the first event held at the Center after its opening.

(Left) Mentors and mentees of the Career Mentorship Program; (right) Public Service Internship Scholarship awardees with family and friends, social enterprise partners.

Supported by the Dr Karen Lee Memorial Fund, the combined event was held on March 15. The Career Mentorship Program aims at providing valuable opportunities for our UG business students to seek advice on career direction and life goals from mentors who are experienced professionals and senior executives from across different industries. In this batch, we were grateful to have 31 alumni mentors, each pairing up with two student mentees, to give them guidance and support during the one-year mentorship period.

The Public Service Internship Scholarship is established to encourage UG business students to take public sector internships to serve the community. In this round, eight students were nominated for the Scholarship by their social enterprise employers in recognition of their excellent service in the past winter. Each student was awarded an amount of HK$10,000. It was our honor to have representatives from four of our social enterprise partners to present the Scholarship to the awardees.

(Left) Victor LI (Year 2, BBA Global Business), one of the Public Service Internship Scholarship awardees, shared his internship experience at Education For Good CIC Limited; (right) Mentor Tracy SHUM with Prof Emily NASON and mentees

(Left) Mentor Ivan HO with mentees, and mentor Park SHUM with mentees


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