[eNews] QFIN Students and Alumni Keep Learning Relevant

The students and alumni of our Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Program participated in two activities that connected the community and the industry closer.

In the morning of March 23, a Cross-Mentoring & Networking Workshop was held to further enhance QFIN students’ networking skills and knowledge in the industry. The workshop was split into two parts, with the first part led by an industry practitioner who talked about his networking experience and the skill sets required when meeting new people. In the second part, the students were provided with opportunities to understand different aspects in the finance industry from their mentors.

In the afternoon of the same day, Prof KC CHAN, the former Secretary for Financial Services and Treasury of HKSAR and our Adjunct Professor of Finance, was invited to the “QFIN Shuffle” event. QFIN Shuffle is an annual student-alumni event to facilitate our students to meet and network with alumni. In addition to the insightful talk by Prof CHAN, the event has provided a great platform for current QFIN students to connect with our QFIN alumni.


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