[eNews] Deeper Collaboration with China Construction Bank

Following a strategic collaboration agreement signed between HKUST and the China Construction Bank (CCB) in October 2018, the School has played an active role in providing support to the bank on its establishment of the China Construction Bank University (CCBU). With this industry-academia initiative, CCBU will set up 17 campuses in different locations in China and overseas, including nine research centers in Beijing.   HKUST is proud to be one of the strategic partners of CCBU.

The Executive Education Office of the HKUST Business School organized two programs for CCBU in May. The first program was designed for young high-potential executives (aged under 35) of the CCBU South China Campus. The program engaged a strong faculty team, including Prof HUI Kai Lung, Prof Sam GARG, Prof Mitya NEW, Prof Eugene RAITT, Prof Caroline WANG and Prof ZHENG Rong, to speak on various hot topics that centered around digitalization.

The second program was organized for CCBU’s Deans and Assistant Deans with a target to furnish them with knowledge and insights to build and operate their corporate university. The program combined lectures on various management issues with experience-sharing sessions by senior management the University, including HKUST President Prof Wei SHYY and Founding President Prof WOO Chia Wei. Other senior management from the University and the School, including Prof Charles NG, Prof Steve DEKREY, Prof HUI Kai Lung Hui, Prof Winnie PENG, Prof Caroline WANG, Prof XU Yan and Prof ZHANG Chu, also joined to share their expertise.  Seasoned executives were also invited to talk about their experiences on forming global corporate universities, with a workshop on program design for senior executives and ways to foster a continuous learning culture within an organization.

To further strengthen our collaboration with CCBU, senior management from the School will represent the Business School to participate in an “Industry-Education Integration Forum” and a co-hosted parallel session on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” with the China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch, to be held in Shanghai on June 24.


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