[eNews] First Seminar Presented by the Fintech Research Project

Cryptocurrency remains one of the hottest fintech topics today, notwithstanding the arrival of Bitcoin a decade ago. For the first on-campus seminar hosted by the Fintech Research Project, Prof John M. GRIFFIN, a forensic finance expert, was invited to deliver a fascinating talk – “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?” on May 22.

The seminar attracted close to 70 faculty, researchers and students from across business and engineering disciplines, during which Prof Griffin shared his discoveries on the Bitcoin-Tether connection through his extensive research and study over the years.

With a commitment to propelling Hong Kong’s fintech industry, the Fintech Project Research Team will continue to organize more activities and learning opportunities for members of HKUST. Our next seminar will take place on June 11.

Follow the Fintech Research Project upcoming events here.


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