[eNews] Industrial Practitioners Share Fintech Experience and Insights

Between March and June, a series of online recruitment talks and sharing sessions were held to promote fintech opportunities to students at HKUST. The events also aimed to encourage interested students to engage with industrial practitioners to gain more information about the industry.

FORMS Syntron HK – The Landscape of Hong Kong’s Virtual Bank and Career Opportunities
The series of online sessions started on March 13, where Mr.Alex CHAN, Chief Executive Officer and Mr Daniel CHAN, Master FinTech Evangelist and Blockchain Architect of FORMS Syntron Information (HK), discussed the landscape of Hong Kong’s virtual banks with our students. Co-hosted by our MBA Office, the session aimed to help our students explore career opportunities in the fintech industry. The speakers also introduced talent requirements based on their practical experience in the field.

QuantDART – How AI is developing or shaping the economy from a fintech perspective
On May 4, Mr Edward WONG, Vice President of Business Development of QuantDART, shared his view on finance and artificial intelligence with our students. He gave a historical overview and discussed the value of finance. Mr Wong also explained how AI and new technologies are introduced into the economy from a fintech perspective. The talk attracted students from various backgrounds including MBA, fintech, information systems, and finance.

AQUMON – From banking to Fintech: Key Takeaways I Learnt
On May 13, we had the pleasure of invitingMr Kenneth SHIH, Head of Sales and Marketing of Magnum Research Ltd. to talk to our students about his experience in transitioning from traditional banking to fintech. In this interactive session, Ken shared valuable insights on the industry and also offered support to our students and encouraged them to actively reach out for help. There were a lot of takeaways from this session and many students were able to have a direct conversation with Ken during the talk.

ZA – How virtual banks and virtual insurers reshape the industry through marketing
Thelast session of the series was held on June 9, where Ms Amanda TUNG, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnership of ZhongAn Technologies International Group, shared with our students how virtual banks and virtual insurers were reshaping the industry through marketing. She also talked about fintech talent recruitments and requirements. Over 200 students from diverse backgrounds were attracted to this session.

The Fintech Research Project will continue to organize activities to raise HKUST members’ understanding of fintech and create learning opportunities for our students and the public. The second round of online sharing sessions is expected to take place later this summer.


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