[eNews] HKUST x Tencent Fintech Mentorship Program Launched

On July 10, the first Fintech Mentorship Program, co-organized by the Fintech Research Project of the HKUST Business School and the Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong), was successfully held online. An online opening ceremony was officiated by Professor TAM Kar Yan, Dean of HKUST Business School, and Mr James LI, Senior Director, Hong Kong, Macao, and Cross-border Financial Affairs of Tencent and Head of Chief Executive’s Office at Fusion Bank.

The eight-week program is the first of its kind that gathers students and fintech professionals to engage in authentic business fintech research topics. This allows students to work with business problems and apply the theories they learned in class in real-life business contexts. “With fintech being a cross-disciplinary topic, we also see the growing importance of cross-disciplinary education in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital world, where both business acumen and knowledge in science and technology are needed to address the challenges faced by corporations,” said Professor Tam during his opening remarks.

Following a keynote speech by Mr Li and a program introduced by the Tencent team, the ceremony concluded with students joining their mentors in small group discussions on their respective research topics. The topics ranged from virtual banking, blockchain to user experience, and artificial intelligence.

The program marks an important milestone in the joint efforts between the HKUST Business School and Tencent on fintech talent development. As a leading technology company, Tencent offers exceptional opportunities for our students to work directly with some of the best practitioners in the field. Under the guidance of experienced practitioners from Tencent and Fusion Bank, over 40 HKUST students from different disciplines, including business and management, engineering, and science, have begun working on their respective projects.


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