[eNews] Partnership with the HKMA opens up New Mentorship Opportunities

Recognizing the growing need for fintech talent, HKUST has signed an MoU with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to form a new partnership and collaborate on talent development as well as research and application to the advancement of fintech.

A mentorship network will also be established under the Industry Project Masters Network (IPMN) of the HKMA. Through this network, each fintech or industry project of the IPMN scheme will be supervised by mentors from various fields, including academia, the financial sector, and the tech/fintech industry. Mentors will meet with students regularly, offer advice on their projects, and evaluate their performance. What’s more, several consulting and tech firms have agreed to join the network as industry mentors to share their industry experience with students and provide them with professional expertise.

Together with three other local universities, HKUST will collaborate with the HKMA and other stakeholders on the IPMN scheme. Postgraduate students studying fintech at these universities will be eligible to join IPMN. Find out more here.


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