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Opening of Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center to Foster Supportive Culture

The School of Business and Management of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) celebrated the opening of the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center (“Center”) which is purpose-designed for student mentoring activities and promoting a supportive and caring culture on campus.

The Center is named after the late Dr. Karen LEE, a visiting scholar and later an Adjunct Associate Professor who was a faculty member at the HKUST Business School between 2008 and 2014. A beloved and dedicated member of the School, Dr. Lee actively involved in developing undergraduate student skills and recognized the value of mentoring in helping them identify their personal and professional goals.

The Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund was established by her family members to memorialize the values and beliefs that Dr. Lee upheld. With a HK$20 million donation from the Fund, the School has established the Center and launched a series of student mentoring programs, in honor of Dr. Lee.  

Mr. Philip LEE, representative of the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund, said, “Our Memorial Fund believes in the positive value of mentoring, which can help students realize their true potential and contribute to their personal growth and career development. We are very pleased to see the opening of the Center, which provides a great platform for students to connect and benefit from each other through different mentoring activities.”

The Center is located in the Lee Shau Kee Business Building, home of the HKUST Business School, and consists of study areas on two floors connected by a staircase, a learning commons, meeting and advising rooms, and a welcoming and relaxing environment for students. The objective of the Center is to be a centralized hub for mentoring activities.

At the opening ceremony, HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY expressed gratitude to the Lee family members. “We encourage a supportive and caring culture at HKUST. This donation will make a meaningful difference to our holistic education by introducing mentoring activities to help students gain practical advice, encouragement and support during their studies and beyond.”

“With a strong commitment to talent development, the legacy of Dr. Lee remains all around us,” said Prof. Emily NASON, the Founding Director of the Center. “Extending Dr. Lee’s devotion to student mentoring and leadership development, our Center offers extensive student advising services and a series of mentoring programs that actively engage faculty, staff, students, alumni and the corporate community.”

At the opening of the Center, three students were recognized and presented with the “Excellence in Student Mentoring Awards”. The awards recognize students who have excelled in their contributions to mentoring.

About the Center:

Officiating guests, including HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY (fifth left) and Mr. Philip LEE (sixth right), representative of the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund, join the opening ceremony.
“Excellence in Student Mentoring Awards” are presented to three students in recognition of their contributions to mentoring.
The Center is a centralized hub for mentoring activities at the HKUST Business School.

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