Research Centers

The HKUST Business School's reputation in business research derives from the world-class interdisciplinary work developed by our leading research and professional development centers.

Center for Asian Financial Markets

Founded in 1997, this Center has been promoting research on financial market activities by establishing strong data and knowledge bases about Asian financial markets, with a particular focus on Hong Kong and China. The Center provides an academic interface with government and business that promotes research and facilitates the dissemination of knowledge. The Center is also active in organizing seminars, public lectures, and conferences on topics of relevance to Asia financial markets.

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Center for Business Data Analysis

The Center for Business Data Analysis (CBDA) was found in April 2013 with the generous support from Goldstone Investment Co. Ltd. We aim to promote business applications of statistical data analysis to solve practical business problems, and develop insights from innovative statistical techniques to analyze high-dimensional data that facilitates prediction and decision making. The Center provides a platform between academic and business communities for broader dialogue and information dissemination. Through the exchange of ideas, it also enhances the synergy between research and teaching of statistical methodology.

We welcome your interest and inquiries:

Inchi HU
Chair Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7734

Xuhu WAN
Associate Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7731

Center for Business Strategy and Innovation

This Center seeks to advance management practices through rigorous academic research in strategy and innovation. Our world-class research has promoted a better understanding of critical issues related to business strategy and innovation facing business and community leaders in the region. Its objectives are to:

  • Facilitate, sponsor and publish high quality, applied research addressing critical issues related to innovation and strategy, and relevant public policy issues;
  • Improve the practice of management by publishing the results of applied research in local and international business publications;
  • Serve as a platform for conducting executive seminars, speaker series, and conferences.

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Jiatao LI
Senior Associate Dean, Chair Professor and Department Head of Management
(852) 2358 7757

Yan XU
Associate Dean, Associate Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7640

Center for Economic Development

This Center endeavors to enhance the understanding of economic developments through research. We put a special emphasis on China and the Asia Pacific region which have risen to become engines of the world's economic growth.

Since its establishment in 1995, the Center has conducted timely and relevant research projects on the economic developments in the regions of focus. We emphasize theoretical and empirical research on economic growth in transitional economies, and we are actively involved in public policy debates in Hong Kong.

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Edwin LAI
Professor of Economics
(852) 2358 7611

Center for Experimental Business Research

This Center is the first of its kind in Asia which aims to advance understanding of theory and practice in business and related disciplines through the use of experimental methods. We actively conduct experimental research in business, economics, psychology and neuroscience, and expand experimental methodologies through research and teaching. In this capacity, we develop groundbreaking insights from the new frontiers of knowledge and apply the methodologies to solve real-life problems faced in business.

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Yuk Fai FONG
Professor of Economics
(852) 2358 7620

Wooyoung LIM
Associate Professor of Economics
(852) 2358 7628

Center for Marketing and Supply Chain Management

This Center was founded in April 2005 with the generous support of the Fung Foundation Ltd. We focus on marketing and supply chain management research, specifically applied to China. To this end, our practice targets policy-makers, industry-leaders, expert scholars, including students and budding researchers, who will influence marketing and supply chain management in the future.

The Center's purpose is to:

  • Increase the visibility and prestige of the School's leadership in marketing and supply chain management;
  • Further instill the global academic leadership of the School in the field;
  • Enhance the competitiveness of companies in the aforementioned areas, particularly China.

We welcome your interest and inquiries:

Hongtao ZHANG
Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7755

Associate Professor of Marketing
(852) 2358 7701

Shui On Center for China Business & Management

This Center was established with the generous support of Shui On Holdings Limited. It strives to contribute to the development of business in China by advancing and circulating insights on China business, and nurturing premier business managers and entrepreneurs in China. A keen supporter of knowledge transfer and sharing, the Center is committed to strengthening academia and business partnerships with development programs, industry forums, applied research and case projects for business and management in China.

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Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

The Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies is a leading research center in the burgeoning field of Asian family business and entrepreneurship studies, bridging the knowledge gap between academics, practitioners and policymakers in all of its programs and activities. Recognizing the multi-disciplinary nature of the field, the Center collaborates with leading families, practitioners, various academic departments at HKUST and institutions around the world to achieve the following objectives:

  • Conduct quality academic research and case studies on Asian family businesses;
  • Provide custom and open programs and EMBA and MBA courses in family business; and
  • Organize academic and industry symposiums and roundtables.

Please visit our website to learn more about the Center.

Roger KING
Adjunct Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Winnie PENG
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Thompson Center for Business Case Studies

The Center builds expert insights through case studies focusing on business in Asia. We work closely with the HKUST Business School faculty and company executives to develop cases that merge academic concepts with real-world business challenges and opportunities.

The Center's objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the development of quality Asian business cases under the supervision of HKUST faculty;
  • Promote the case method of teaching at HKUST;
  • Organize and host case teaching and writing workshops;
  • Promote inter-faculty and inter-university collaboration;
  • Develop closer links with Asia's business community.

Please visit our website to learn more about the Center and our case studies:

Roger KING
Adjunct Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Winnie PENG
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 8259

Tongyi Industrial Group Center for Electronic Commerce

This rapidly growing Center has made considerable headway in advancing the theory and application of the ever-changing e-commerce platform through research in the integration of technology, organization and market structure. Areas of focus include the Electronic Market, the eChannel for Promotion and Order Fulfillment, Promotion and Marketing using Social Media, Human Computer Interface and Personalization, Mobile Computing Applications, and Technology Adoption and Diffusion.

Guided by our commitment to excellence, we strive to positively impact the economic development of Hong Kong by:

  • Enabling e-Commerce through frontier research on technology integration in organizational and market structures;
  • Upgrading the manpower of Hong Kong e-commerce leaders with executive online programs;
  • Collaborating closely with industrial partners to implement technologies and process innovations developed by the Center.

Contact us to learn more:

Kar Yan TAM
Dean of School of Business and Management, Chair Professor of ISOM
(852) 2358 7549 

Center for Investing

This Center promotes Hong Kong's role as a preeminent regional investment hub. The Center's work is wide-ranging from providing investment management training courses for HKUST students and supporting the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), to organizing seminars and conferences to enhance industry-academia partnerships. It also conducts a diverse array of scientific and policy research on investment management focusing on Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Acting Head and Professor of Finance
(852) 2358 7669