QFIN Program Featured in Metro Radio

Metro Radio has recently launched a new Facebook channel called “Metro Education Plus”. The new channel aims at letting students and parents have some better knowledge about education and school life in various aspects. Students from QFIN program are invited for the interview and aired in July 2018. In the interview, QFIN students talked about their enriching learning activities and experiences. Check out more from the links.

QFIN Students in the interview:
Elaine GUO (QFIN, Class of 2018)
Brian CHEUNG (QFIN, Class of 2018)
Thomas LUI (QFIN, Class of 2019)
Leo WONG (QFIN, Class of 2020)

Episode 1 Challenges, opportunities, diversity and effort experienced in the QFIN program
Episode 2  Importance of having a logical thinking mind-set, interests, and good relationship with others in the QFIN program
Episode 3  U-life and future career of QFIN students 
Episode 4  Admission requirements of QFIN program
Episode 5  Skills for job hunting, and tips for students who would like to study QFIN at HKUST