Program Transfer Application

HKUST students who already have their first majors but consider changing their first majors to FINA can apply for a program transfer.

Program transfer application will only be considered after the 4th term. The program transfer applications are considered after the main round of major selection exercise is completed so that it is fair to all students as such requests should normally be accepted when there is still quota left for the intake cohort.

Program Transfer to FINA is only considered on a case-by-case basis. We expect students to

  • be able to demonstrate strong interest in finance.
  • possess abilities to succeed in finance-related career
  • possess abilities to perform well academically in FINA Program.

Application Deadline

  • For program transfer to be effective in Fall term, students must submit their application by 8th July.
  • For program transfer to be effective in Spring term, students must submit their application by 10th Jan.

Application Procedure

Submit the following materials to UG Coordinator by the application deadline:

  • Completed application for program transfer, form RR-6
  • Updated transcript and resume
  • Personal statement, with no less than 500 words, to explain why you want to transfer to FINA program
  • A term-by-term study plan showing the courses you will be taking for the remaining semesters in UST, if your program transfer application is approved
  • Letter of recommendation (optional)

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.  You will hear from Department about the interview within 2 weeks after your submission of application materials.  The Department shall reach a decision within 2 weeks after the interview date.  After Department’s approval, the Department will forward the application to Business School for their further approval.  If successful, the final result will be released via ARO to the student.