For Prospective and Current Students

1. Could students in the FINA program obtain a second major or minor?

Yes, you could choose to take a second major and/or 1-2 minors. Minor programs are provided by the School of Science (SSCI), School of Engineering (SENG), School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS), and some are jointly offered by the School of Business & Management (SBM) and the School of Engineering (SENG).

2. Is there any preparatory courses and exam fee subsidy offered for major students if they apply for financial qualifications such as CFA(Certified Financial Analyst) or FRM (Financial Risk Manager)?

No, there is no specific course offered now, but the finance curriculum equips students with knowledge to prepare for various financial qualifications. Students can apply for preparatory courses outside UST and in various financial institutions.

No, so far the department, school or Scholarships & Financial Aid Office does not provide any exam fee subsidy. However, the public can usually claim 80% of preparatory course fee or a maximum of HK$10,000 from the government's Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

3. What is the maximum number of course credits that students could take each semester?

Please visit HKUST Business School - Undergraduate Programs website for the information.

4. What are the suggested UST courses for CFA examination?

Absolutely EssentialHelpful, if taken
Statistics ISOM 2500 ISOM 3530
Accounting ACCT 2010, 3010, 3020 ACCT 4020
Economics ECON 2113, 2123 ECON 3014, 3024
Finance, investment and valuation FINA 2303, 3103, 3203, 4103 FINA 3303, 4303

5. Where can I find information on Course Registration, Final Exam and Graduation?

Please visit Academic Registry Office website for the information.