QFIN program is comprehensive and offers many elective courses for students to develop skill sets in finance, mathematics, statistics, and computer programming. The program also provides flexibility for students to take minor studies in other disciplines.

Important topics covered in the program include corporate valuation, quantitative trading, investment analysis and portfolio management, derivative securities, corporate finance, time series econometrics and business forecasting, data mining for risk management and business intelligence, and statistics for financial risk management. The curriculum helps to prepare our graduates in the examinations for professional qualifications such as CFA, CFP, CCAIA, FRM and PRM.

In addition, the Department of Finance offers many elective courses covering various aspects of finance such as fixed income securities, international finance, mergers and acquisitions, wealth management, financial markets and institutions, and venture capital financing. The curriculum of the program is practical and prepares students for proficiency in working with industry-standard databases such as Bloomberg Professional service for real-time data, news and analysis. Students can also take advantage of many enrichment activities organized by the department and the business school.

Curriculum Features

Students are required to complete the following requirements within 4 years of normal study time frame:

  • School Requirements (30 - 32 credits) [Details]
  • University Common Core and English Language Requirements (36 credits) [Details]
  • QFIN Program Requirements (43 - 45 credits) (for 2018-19 Intake) [Details]
  • At least 120 credits in total

School Requirements are to strengthen students' business acumen in all business-related disciplines including Accounting, Economics, and Information Systems. Meanwhile University Common Core and English Language Requirements (36 credits) provide a board and well-rounded education to students by allowing them to explore various topics of their interest in the areas of humanities, social analysis, science and technology, quantitative reasoning, arts, English communication, Chinese communication, and healthy lifestyle. Please refer to the Program Catalog for more details.

QFIN Program Requirements consist of required and elective courses. The required courses provide solid foundations in finance, mathematics, statistics and programming to our students who will be ready to apply theories to practice. Meanwhile the electives provide flexibility to help students strengthen their knowledge in three areas, i.e., Statistics and Programming, Finance, and Mathematics.

Students should also take additional free elective(s) to reach the total 120-credit university requirement. The free elective(s) can be any courses offered by any department.

Out students can also declare an additional major or minors. Available minor programs include, but not limit ot, Actuarial Mathematics, Big Data Technology, and Information Technology. Please see the full list of minor programs here.