BBA in Finance

BBA in Finance (FINA) program is designed to prepare students for careers in investment banking, retail banking, fund management, trading, insurance, actuarial, accountancy & tax, compliance and risk, and management consultancy.

BSc in Quantitative Finance

BSc in Quantitative Finance (QFIN) program is designed for students who aim to become finance professionals. Its curriculum reflects current market and emphasizes quantitative methods, data analytical and programming skills to solve finance and business problems.

MSc in IM/FA

The Master of Science in Investment Management program, MSc(IM) was first introduced in 1996 with the part-time study mode. Since 2014, a full-time study mode was launched, the MSc(IM) full-time program welcomes fresh graduate or graduates with few years of working experience to apply. The Master of Science Program in Financial Analysis program (MScFA) was introduced in 2002. It provides rigorous training for students pursuing professional careers in the finance industry.

MS Global Finance (With NYU)

An alliance between HKUST Business School and NYU Stern School of Business, this one-year modular-format program brings 2 world-renowned business schools together, and strives to help finance professionals advance their knowledge and practices in global finance marketplace under the guidance of internationally recognized academics.


The Ph.D. program in finance is a rigorous, highly structured doctoral program that develops the core skills required for a successful career in financial economics. 


Students can find more information about the courses we offer during the academic year.