Past Placements

Some recent academic placements of our Ph.D. students are listed by year of graduation.

NameYear of
The first job
LI, Wekai 2017 Singapore Management University
SINGH, Manpreet 2016 Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology
ZHAO, Shen 2016 Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
ZHOU, Ti 2016 Southern University of Science & Technology, Shenzhen
WANG, Shujing 2015 Shanghai Finance University
YAN, Dong 2015 Stockholm School of Economics
ZHANG, Zilong 2015 Peking University HSBC Business School, Shenzhen
WANG, Baolian 2014 Fordham University
LIU, Yue 2013 PBC School, Tsinghua University
ZHONG, Ninghua 2013 Tongji University
DU, Qianqian 2012 Stavenger University
SUN, Lei 2012 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
LEI, Mao 2012 Warwick University
MAO, Qinghao 2011 Erasmus University
CHEN, Yunling 2010 Tsinghua University
WANG, Zhen 2010 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
CEN, Ling 2009 University of Toronto
LAM, Full Yet Eric Campbell 2009 City University of Hong Kong
LI, Gang 2008 University of Macau
PENG, Qian 2008 HKUST
KUSNADI, Yuanto 2007 City University of Hong Kong
ZHENG, Xiaohong 2007 Citicorp Hong Kong