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Position Name   E-Mail
Head/Chair Professor Prof Sudipto DASGUPTA dasgupta
Associate Head/Associate Professor Prof Peter MACKAY pmackay
Chair Professor Prof Kalok CHAN kachan
Chair Professor Prof Kuo-chiang WEI johnwei
Professor Prof Vidhan K GOYAL goyal
Professor Prof Mark SEASHOLES mark.seasholes
Professor Prof Bruno SOLNIK solnik
Professor Prof Chu ZHANG czhang
Associate Professor Prof Kasper Meisner NIELSEN nielsen
Associate Professor Prof Laura Xiaolei LIU fnliu
Associate Professor Prof Jialin YU jialin
Professor Emeritus Prof K C CHAN kcchan
Professor Emeritus Prof Yuk Shee CHAN  
Assistant Professor Prof Darwin CHOI dchoi
Assistant Professor Prof Fei DING feiding
Assistant Professor Prof Kai LI kaili
Assistant Professor Prof Xuewen LIU xuewenliu
Assistant Professor Prof Abhiroop MUKHERJEE amukherjee
Assistant Professor Prof Sophie Xiaoyan NI sophieni
Assistant Professor Prof George PANAYOTOV panayotov
Assistant Professor Prof Rik SEN riksen
Assistant Professor Prof Alminas ZALDOKAS alminas
Teaching Track Faculty  
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Veronique LAFON-VINAIS vlafon
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Lynn PI lynnpi
Senior Lecturer Dr Allen KUO akuo
Lecturer Dr Ekkachai SAENYASIRI esaenyasiri
Adjunct and Visiting Faculty  
Adjunct Professor Prof Nai- fu CHEN fnnchen
Adjunct Professor Prof Laurence C FRANKLIN lcfran
Adjunct Professor Prof Luc HENRARD luc.henrard@yahoo.com
Adjunct Professor Prof Roger KING rking
Adjunct Professor Prof Michael LEMMON finmll
Adjunct Professor Prof Ahron ROSENFELD ahron
Adjunct Professor Prof Jerome YEN jyen
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Philip CHENG pcheng
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Thian CHEW acchew
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Christine CHOW chrischow
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Angela L P NG angelang
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Ann RUTLEDGE rrcons
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Entela BENZ entelabenz
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Samuel Xin LIANG samliang
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Qian PENG pengq
Visiting Professor Prof Utpal BHATTACHARYA ubhattac
Visiting Professor Prof Raymond KAN raykan
Visiting Professor Prof Alexander LJUNGQVIST  
Visiting Professor Prof Ahron ROSENFELD ahron
Visiting Associate Professor Prof Tao SHU taoshu
General Office    
Executive Officer Ms Euphrasia LEUNG fnleung
Departmental Secretary Ms Elaine CHEUNG fnelaine
Clerk Ms Cathy CHAN fncathy
Clerk Ms Rainbow P L LAI bmrlai
UG Advising    
Program Assistant Ms Yuen Fung Venus TAI venustai
MSc(FA) & MSc(IM) Programs Office  
Executive Officer Ms Rebecca Ngar Man CHOW chownm
Program Officer Mr Shawn Kwan Wing LAM shawnlkw
Program Officer Ms Rae Hiu Ping WONG raewong
Financial Trading Laboratory  
Instructional Assistant Mr George Chi Wai LO georgelocw
Teaching/Research Support
Teaching Associate Mr Bing Shin LEUNG bbsleung
Teaching Associate Ms Stella Chen Chen LIEN fnstella
Teaching Associate Mr Chi Lok YIP victory
Instructional Assistant Mr Lap Cheung Michael CHAN chanlc
Instructional Assistant Ms Pak To CHAN platocpt
Instructional Assistant Ms Jyoti SADHWANI josadhwani
Instructional Assistant Ms Man Chung Mandy SO mandyso
Instructional Assistant Mr Stone WONG stone
Post-doctoral Fellow Dr Miao LUO miaoluo
Visiting Scholar Dr Haibing SHU hbshu
Research Associate Dr Harry Kam Ming LEUNG lkhangel
Research Assistant Ms Xiaowei WANG vvwang
Center for Asia Financial Markets
Director Prof Sudipto DASGUPTA dasgupta
Associate Director Prof Chu ZHANG czhang
Associate Director Prof Veronique LAFON-VINAIS vlafon
Project Assistant Ms Peggy Chung Yin NG peggyng
Value Partners Center for Investing
Director Prof Kalok CHAN kachan
Associate Director Prof Kuo-chiang WEI johnwei
Associate Director Prof Samuel Xin LIANG samliang
Executive Officer Ms Wing Sze WAN tracywan
Research Assistant Ms Man Yin CHEUK cheukmy
Research Assistant Mr Wei YUE levay