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   Bruno SOLNIK
  Email: solnik@ust.hk

Université de Paris-Dauphine, Doctorat d'Etat en Gestion
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph. D. in Finance
Ecole Polytechnique, Engineer Degree
   My Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
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  2010- Present Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor, academic director of HKUST-NYU master in Global Finance.
  2006- 2009 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Finance: Visiting Professor
  1974 - Present HEC-Paris, Associate Professor, Professor of Finance (till 2007), Distinguished Emeritus Professor
  1974-1986 Ecole Polytechnique, Professor of Economics (part time)  
  1972-1974 Stanford University, Assistant Professor of Finance
  1969-1970 University of Paris, Lecturer in Economics
  2007 -2008 University of Tokyo (Todai), Visiting Professor
  2005 University of New South Wales, Visiting Professor
  1988 Stanford University, Visiting Professor
  1984, 1992 Université de Genève, Professeur invité
  1985 UCLA, Visiting Professor
  1976 University of California Berkeley, Visiting Professor


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  • La Programmation Linéaire, Dunod, 1969, seventh edition 1983, translated in several languages.


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Working Papers

  • “Characterizing Global Financial and Economic Integration Using Cash Flow Expectations (with Lilian Ng, Bohui Zhang and Eliza Wu), November 2013. (Download here)
  • "Frequent-but-Small and Infrequent-but-Large Return Asymmetries in International Equity Markets" (with Thaisiri Watewai), June 2013. (Download here)
  • "Relative Optimism and the Home Bias Puzzle" (with Luo Zuo), February 2014. (Download here)


Editorial Boards:

  • Journal of Investment Management, Associate editor (2002-present)

  • Journal of Asset Management, Member of editorial board (2000-present)

  • Emerging Markets Review, Advisory editor (1999-present)

  • European Financial management, Advisory editor (1996-present)

  • Journal of Empirical Finance, Advisory editor (1991 - present)

  • Journal of Portfolio Management, Advisory editor (1984 - present)

  • Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, Member of editorial board (1988 - present)

  • Journal of International Money and Finance, Member of editorial board (1982 - present)

  • Financial Analysts Journal, Member of editorial board (1988 - present)

  • Global Finance Journal (1988 - present)

  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Management (1990-2003)

  • Review of International Economics (1991 -2000)

  • Journal of Banking and Finance (1977 - 1999)

  • Journal of Finance (1977 - 1995)

  • Investing (1987 - 1995)

  • Revue Finance (1983 - 1995)

  • Annales d'Economie et de Statistiques (1984 - 1990)

  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (1977 - 1985)


  • European Finance Association, "Scroll to the Founding President" presented in Moscow, 2005.

  • Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor, 2005.

  • Graham and Dodd Award for Excellence, CFA Institute, 2002.

  • Nicholas Molodovsky Award, presented by the CFA Institute Board of Governors on May 22, 1999. "This award is given periodically only to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions of such significance as to change the direction of the profession and to raise it to higher standards of accomplishment". Since 1968, thirteen individuals have been presented with the award. The past three recipients were Fischer Black, Merton Miller and Harry Markowitz. Bruno Solnik is the first non-American to receive the award.

  • Prize Fondation HEC for the best article in Management, in 1998 for "Global Asset Management: To Hedge or not to Hedge", Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer 1998.

  • The Finance Award of the Year, 1998, Finance Symposium Interlaken, 1998.

  • Silver medal, CNRS, 1995.

  • Knight in the National Order of Merit, 1995.

  • Graham-Dodd Award for Excellence, CFA Institute, 1994.

  • Best French Financial Economist, le Nouvel Economiste, 1993.

  • First Prize, best article presented, INQUIRE (Europe), 1991.

  • Prize for the best book in Financial Economics, L'Express, 1990.

  • Prize for the best article, First International Conference on the Pacific Basin Markets, Taïpeï, 1989.

  • Prize Fondation HEC for the best article in Management in 1983 for "The Relation Between Stock Prices and Inflationary Expectations: the International Evidence", Journal of Finance.

  • Prize Harvard Business Review-l'Expansion for the best book in Finance published in 1982 (Marchés Financiers et Gestion de Portefeuille).


  • The 25th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 2012.
  • The 8th Busan International Finance Conference, Busan, Korea, November 2012.
  • Global Finance Seminar Series: Financial Markets and the Eurozone Crisis, Hong Kong, September 2012.
  • The 5th Biennial McGill Global Asset Management Conference, Montreal, Canada, June 2011.
  • L'Essentiel de la Finance, BCGE, Geneva, Switzerland, September 2011.
  • CFA Society of Sydney, Australia, April 2011.
  • Morningstar Investment Conference Europe, Vienna, Austria, March 2011.