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Position Name   E-Mail
Head/Chair Professor Prof James Y L THONG jthong
Deputy Head/Chair Professor Prof Shaohui ZHENG imzheng
Wei Lun Foundation Professor of Business/Chair Professor Prof Albert HA imayha
Chair Professor/Dean Prof Kar Yan TAM kytam
Chair Professor Prof Inchi HU imichu
Professor Prof Kai Lung HUI klhui
Professor Prof Lancelot JAMES lancelot
Professor Prof Hongtao ZHANG imhzhang
Associate Professor Prof Ying-Ju CHEN imchen
Associate Professor Prof Ki Ling CHEUNG imcheung
Associate Professor Prof Theodore H K CLARK tclark
Associate Professor Prof Qing LI imqli
Associate Professor Prof Yingying LI yyli
Associate Professor Prof Mike K P SO immkpso
Associate Professor Prof Xuhu  WAN imwan
Associate Professor Prof Yan XU xuyan
Associate Professor Prof Man YU manyu
Associate Professor Prof Michael X ZHANG zhang
Associate Professor Prof Xiaojun ZHANG xiaojunzhang
Associate Professor Prof Xinghua ZHENG xhzheng
Assistant Professor Prof Lilun DU dulilun
Assistant Professor Prof Prasanna P KARHADE karhade
Assistant Professor Prof Yongsuk KIM yongskim
Assistant Professor Prof Tat Koon KOH koh
Assistant Professor Prof Javad  NASIRY nasiry
Assistant Professor Prof Jing WANG jwang
Assistant Professor Prof Xuan WANG xuanwang
Assistant Professor Prof Hong XU hxu
Assistant Professor Prof Rong ZHENG rzheng
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus Prof Albert Y LO imaylo
Associate Professor Emeritus/ Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Shu Ming NG imsmng
Teaching Track Faculty
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Garvin Percy DIAS percy
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Jeevan JAISINGH jeevan
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof James S H KWOK jkwok
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Ronald LAU rlau
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Betty LIN bettylin
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Jack H H TEH jteh
Senior Lecturer Prof Kim Heng CHEN imkhchen
Lecturer Dr Baoqian PAN ismtpbq
Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
Adjunct Professor Prof Hilton K H CHAN hilton
Adjunct Professor Prof Edwin KEH edwink
Adjunct Professor Prof Joseph PHI josephphi
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Weiyin HONG whong
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Hang CHAN hchan
Visiting Professor Prof Se-Joon HONG sejoon
Visiting Assistant Professor Prof Zhijian CUI zhijianc
Visiting Scholar Dr Muller Y M CHEUNG mcheung
Visiting Scholar Dr Katherine Y FENG imfeng
Visiting Scholar Dr Jia JIA justinjia
General Office      
Executive Officer Ms Queenie K L LAM imqueen
Program Officer Miss Mandy C M HO immho
Departmental Secretary Ms Rolinda W Y TAM imrtam
Clerk Ms M Y CHEUNG immian
Clerk Ms Alice Y C LAU imalice
Clerk Miss Winnie W Y  LEE imwylee
Clerk Miss Mandy M Y TAM immandy
MScGO Program Office
Assistant Manager Ms Cherry W Y CHIM BMCCHIM
MScISM Program Office
Assistant Manager Ms Shirley S M LAM imlam
Teaching/Research Support Staff      
Teaching Associate Mr Edmond C F HO imhcf
Teaching Associate Mr Samuel S Y LAI imsamuel
Teaching Associate Mr Chris S H TSE imchris
Instructional Assistant Mr Michael T L CHEUNG immichael
Instructional Assistant Ms. Stacy D S DENG imsdeng
Instructional Assistant Ms Sophie J GU imsophie
Instructional Assistant Ms. Jing JIA imjing
Instructional Assistant Miss Adrienne Y S LEE imadrienne
Instructional Assistant Mr Elvis W H LEE imelvis
Instructional Assistant Mr Paul C L LIU imclliu
Instructional Assistant Mr Hiu Fung LOK imhflok
Instructional Assistant Miss Carey MA imcma
Instructional Assistant Mr Sam H Y NG imsamng
Instructional Assistant Mr Tommy K W NG imtng
Instructional Assistant Miss Angel SO imso
Project Assistant Mr Tommy H Y LI imtli