Regular Faculty


Prof. Shaohui ZHENG Chair Professor, Operations Management

Deputy Head

Prof. Kai Lung HUI Chair Professor, Information Systems
Elman Family Professor of Business
Senior Associate Dean

Chair Professor

Prof. Guillermo GALLEGO Operations Management,
Crown Worldwide Professor of Engineering
Prof. Albert Y. HA Operations Management,
Wei Lun Foundation Professor of Business
Prof. Kar Yan TAM Information Systems,
Dean of Business and Management
Prof. James Y. L. THONG Information Systems,
Michael Jebsen Professor of Business
Prof. Rachel Q ZHANG Operations Management


Prof. Ying Ju CHEN Operations Management
Prof. Qing LI Operations Management
Prof. Yingying LI Business Statistics
Prof. Mike K P SO Business Statistics
Prof. Yan XU Information Systems,
Associate Dean
Prof. Hongtao ZHANG Operations Management
Prof. Xinghua ZHENG Business Statistics

Associate Professor

Prof. Ki Ling CHEUNG Operations Management
Prof. Weiyin HONG Information Systems
Prof. Tat Koon KOH Information Systems
Prof. Xuhu WAN Business Statistics
Prof. Jing WANG Information Systems
Prof. Hong XU Information Systems
Prof. Man YU Operations Management
Prof. Rong ZHENG Information Systems

Assistant Professor

Prof. Yanzhen CHEN Information Systems
Prof. Lilun DU Business Statistics
Prof. Ohchan KWON Information Systems
Prof. Dongwon LEE Information Systems
Prof. Lijian LU Operations Management
Prof. Yiwen SHEN Opertions Management
Prof. Dongwook SHIN Operations Management
Prof. Xuan WANG Operations Management
Prof. Lucy L XIA Business Statistics
Prof. Yi YANG Information Systems
Prof. Zhitao YIN Information Systems

Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Prof. Inchi HU Business Statistics
Prof. Albert Y LO Business Statistics

Associate Professor Emeritus

Prof. Shu Ming NG Operations Management
Adjunct Associate Professor

Teaching Track Faculty

Associate Professor of Business Education

Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH Information Systems
Prof. James S H KWOK Information Systems
Prof. Ronald LAU Operations Management
Dr. Jean WANG Information Systems

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Baoqian PAN Business Statistics


Dr. Muller Y M CHEUNG Information Systems
Dr. Jia JIA Information Systems

Adjunct & Visiting Faculty

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Hilton K H CHAN Information Systems
Prof. Sabrina LIN Information Systems
Prof. Samson TAI Information Systems
Prof. Joseph PHI Operations Management

Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. Henry C Y CHANG Information Systems
Dr. Chao HE Information Systems
Prof. Yongsuk KIM Information Systems
Mr. Gordon LAM Operations Management
Dr. Marcus Schütz Operations Management
Prof. Jack H H TEH Information Systems

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mr. David A BROWN Operations Management
Prof. Hang CHAN Information Systems
Mr. Ronald FUNG Information Systems
Mr. Mark LI Operations Management

Visiting Assistant Professor

Prof. Suri GURUMURTHI Operations Management
Prof. Jason M W HO Business Statistics

Affiliate Assistant Professor

Affiliate Assistant Professor

Dr Guang ZHANG Business Statistics

General Office

Assistant Manager


Miss Maggie W Y CHOI
Ms. Joanne P S CHOW

Assistant Officer

Ms. Alice Y C LAU
Miss Winnie W Y LEE
Ms. Doris C Y LI

MScBA Program Office

Assistant Manager

Ms. Violet H Y Dai



Assistant Officer

MScGO Program Office

Assistant Manager

Ms. Penny Y T PANG

Assistant Officer

Ms. Phoenix Y Y SZE

MScISM Program Office

Assistant Manager



Miss Cathy K M CHIU

Assistant Officer

Miss Pi L Y KOU

RMBI Office

Assistant Manager


Ms. Gillian H Y SUEN

Teaching/Research Support Staff

Instructional Designer

Mr. Tony C F CHEUK

Teaching Associate

Ms. Sophie J GU
Mr. Edmond C F HO
Mr. Samuel S Y LAI
Mr. Elvis W H LEE

Instructional Assistant

Ms. Olivia H Y CHAN
Miss Yvonne Y W CHAN
Miss Athena M F CHAU
Ms. Stacy D S DENG
Miss Ada K Y HO
Dr. Chao IEONG
Ms. Jing JIA
Miss Adrienne Y S LEE
Mr. Tommy K W NG
Mr. Ray N C PANG
Mr. Serafim PETROV
Miss Angel K Y SO

Research Assistant