Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) - 2017-18 

BBA-IS SSLC - 2017-18 meeting

IS Academic Achievement Award Recipients - 2017-18 

LAW Tiffany Wing See, Year 4

What I enjoy most about IS is that it is not just about the technical skills, but more on how we apply them to solve different business problems. The broad choice of electives was great as we had the chance to explore different IS pathways that we are interested at. For myself, I was very interested in the power of data, so I took up the Business Analytics Option and other relevant electives. Studying IS has also opened up many career opportunities for me, given the trend of digital transformations across various industries. I really love the practicality and versatility of the knowledge learnt in this major, as it can be applied to various business settings.

LI Ka Wing Kendra, Year 4

As a student major in Information Systems, I acquired solid technical and analytical knowledge and trainings through the diverse courses offered. The flexibility in allowing students to take different options also enables us to maximize our potential and prepare us for entering the IS field. Also, I am particularly thankful to our faculty and teaching assistants who are always helpful and supportive to us.

IS Department is warm and encouraging which recognizes and rewards students with outstanding performance. This is what motivates me to continue to strive for betterment.

With the technological advancement and fast-growing data industry, I recommend all who are enthusiastic to join the IS community and be the future leader.

WAN Po Yi, Year 4

I found the skills and knowledge I learnt from IS courses were all applicable to the marketplace. When I worked in the Consulting Team in PricewaterhouseCoopers , the solid technique skills I acquired from classes (e.g VBA, SQL) indeed helped me to differentiate myself from other interns.

FAN Chung Man, Year 3

This is my honor to be one of the awardees of the IS Academic Achievement Award. I am glad that my effort has been recognized. Being an Information System student has given me not only the opportunities to study under the guidance of knowledgeable and inspirational professors but also offer me chances to meet people from the globe. Every IS course requires students to complete a group project. These projects let me experience how to cooperate and communicate with different students. For example, we have to create a stock analyzer through VBA from scratch or create an app in order to improve a company's efficiency. These tasks are demanding but rewarding. After completing the tasks, we could learn more about the information systems as well as know more about different business models in the Finance and Fashion industry etc. These experiences which equip us to prepare for future careers. I am really thankful for all the opportunities provided to me, from the IS department of HKUST.

KWAN Kristy, Year 3

I really enjoyed studying the courses provided by the ISOM department, especially the blended learning courses. They allowed me to have a better understanding on relevant concepts before attending the face-to-face lectures. Other than that, the professors and teaching assistants were very friendly and helpful. They always answered our questions promptly and clearly. My overall experience of studying BBA-IS has been very rewarding and I hope I can continue to learn more from the courses.

LI Po Jan Eugene, Year 3

With the world flooded by data and ever-changing technologies, students are one step ahead in the business world with knowledge in understanding systems and ability to generating insights from data. Studying BBA-IS is a rewarding journey to complement my skills and knowledge in this area. It provides me with the ability to speak both business language and technical language, being the person to bridge businesses and technologies. From conceptual skills to analyze business problems to technical skills in writing codes, the IS program is a full package to equip you for the IT business world. It unlocked many opportunities for me to join various events, works and internships that require technical knowledge. It is also much easier to work when you take advantage of using different programs and tools. Not only does the program itself provides the experience you needed to stand out from others, professors in the IS department are always here for you to consult. Whether you have a business idea or a career decision to make, they will offer you a hand to overcome the challenges. All in all, the IS program is where you learn and grow with the right skills that the business world is now desperate to have. You can shine bright and unleash your potential.

TSE Tsz Wai, Year 3

Majoring in Information Systems is one of the best choices I made in these three years. It has been a rewarding and enriching learning. The program is well-organized with the supports from the IS department, and at the same time, it offers a variety of electives for us to pursue our study according to our interests. The effectiveness of the blended learning approach adopts in part of the IS courses also amazed me. It helps us to get prepared before classes and the interactive lectures allow us to voice out questions and apply the content through in-class exercises. Apart from academic learning, students are encouraged to complete one year placement at the end of year 3. This is a great opportunity to equip ourselves with real working experience and enjoy an extra year experience waiver under the ISACA Model curriculum.

XIE Xinyi, Year 3

I chose information system as my major after I learnt that a specialisation in data analytics, an industry trend, is offered in this amazing program. Looking back the past year fully engaged in the program, it’s always delightful and reassuring to find myself having made the right decision.

One of my major concern as a student is always the courses.  IS program offers  up-to-date, high quality courses that are incomparable. I would like to share my experience of the ‘Business Application Programming’ I took as the foundation course for the program. It features a creatively designed course  structure that I found to be very beneficial. Familiarising myself with basic concepts and operations covered by the video lecture enabled me to grasp the ideas in class when the professor would be outlining the focuses of that section. Other forms of learning are also incorporated to ensure that students master the materials. As an introduction to programming, the design for the course suits its purpose impressively well, which has placed me in a much better position for advanced courses and hands-on application.

YAP Faye, Year 3

‘Information systems’ was a completely alien term to me at freshman year—never would I have imagined it as my major. Yet as I got to know more about it, I was intrigued by its capability and growing relevancy, and found myself excited to learn more about something I had such little knowledge of. I ended up choosing to do exactly that, but what I didn’t expect from my decision, was how wonderful the department that came with it would be. The feeling I get from the department is one that tries its best to support us, part of which is by aiming for constant and continual improvement. They are always asking for feedback and reviewing their course structure and content, as well as course offerings, to see if there is anything they could modify/add that would be more applicable and of better help. There is an earnestness in its teaching staff. Professors are enthusiastic and always approachable. TAs go the extra mile in assignments to make sure we understand, even if it means a lot more work for them. Staff are friendly and quick to reply. It does not feel like a mere cold exchange where we pay to be educated and they educate us; there is a feeling of genuine concern for us to do well, and I believe that is a very nice environment to be in while learning.

YAP Gracia Stephanie, Year 3

After taking Innovation & Technology Summer Intensive in Silicon Valley, I was determined to learn more about the application of technology. Therefore, I chose Information Systems as my first major.  One of the main advantage of learning IS courses is that they trained our problem-solving skills. The courses, complemented with computer lab session, require us to understand the basic concepts then apply them to daily-life cases. Therefore, it focuses on analytical and data-driven problem-solving skill instead of memorization of the exact knowledge taught. The frameworks learnt ease us for further learning.

The courses taught are really practical and applicable. I could apply the knowledge in both of my internship. During my time as Online Marketing Intern, the understanding of database could help accelerated the task completion. When I was a Business Development Intern, I initiated automating some tedious task like Inventory Management list with the basic programming skill I learnt. In other words, IS knowledge can be applied in different fields. All in all, choosing IS has been a great decision for me.